If you’re booking a holiday to Cala Bona or Cala Millor, consider making a great day trip to Son Servera market.

Son Servera is a traditional Mallorca old town just an 8-minute bus journey from Cala Bona resort, making this day trip a great option if you want to explore outside the resort.

Find out everything you need to know about the Son Severa market in this article:

When is Son Servera Market?

Son Servera Market is held every Friday from around 8:30 am until 13:00.

Stalls begin to set up around 6 am but visitors will begin to arrive at 8:30, to make the most of an early breakfast in one of the many cafés in the town before making their way through the market.

This market is not seasonal but operates year-round, so whenever you visit Son Servera on a Friday, you know you have the opportunity to experience it.

day trip to Son Servera Market

Where is Son Servera Market?

The market can be found snaking its way through the centre of the town.

You will see the very first stalls just a 3-minute walk from getting off the bus on Carrer d’en Pere Antoni, all the way down to Avenida de la Constiución.

If you don’t know where to go and you’re visiting in Summer, just follow the crowds!

What to expect at Son Severa Market

The market sells everything from locally made products such as clothing, toiletries, locally grown fruit and vegetables and children’s toys.

It’s also a great place to pick up cheap shoes and beachwear.

If you’re shopping for presents and souvenirs, then there are many stalls selling scarves or locally made items for your home.

I found this market to be extremely well priced and if you are travelling on a budget, expect to find lunch from just 1€.

The bakeries on the edge of Plaça de Sant Joan Square sell empanada pies for 1€ or huge slices of ‘coca de trampo’ (onion, peppers and tomato and garlic on pastry), or other flavours for just 1,50€.

This is easily the cheapest lunch I have seen anywhere on the island!

I like to call “coca” pizza without cheese, but I can tell you now kids will be pretty horrified by the concept!

coca de trampo mallorca
Coca de Trampo for just 1,50€

How to get to Son Severa Market

If you’re staying in Cala Bona or Cala Millor, then jump on the 412 TIB bus.

You can find the timetable for the 412 TIB here.

If you are staying in Cala Bona, check the video playing on this page as to one of the areas where you can pick up the bus.

The journey from Cala Bona is approximately 8 minutes.

You can also jump on the 424 TIB bus.

The 424 TIB bus also runs through Cala Rajada, Capdepera, Canyamel, Sa Coma, S’Illot and Portocristo meaning it’s easy to enjoy a day trip to Son Servera market from any of these locations!

You can see the timetable here.

If you want to find out more about taking the TIB in Mallorca, check out this article here.

Is Son Servera worth visiting on any other day of the week?

Absolutely! It’s a quaint old town with lovely restaurants and cafes on and around Plaça de Sant Joan Square will give you a completely different and more experience when compared to market day.

I noticed a fabulous C’an Dinky Gallery. Check out their Facebook page here for a real taste of local Mallorca culture.

Can Dinsky Galeria son servera mallorca

A word of warning in Son Servera Market

Son Servera market can get extremely busy from 10 am to 13:00 with the huge influx of tourists pouring into the town.

Avenida de la Constución where the market is located runs along a very narrow street, so this can make walking through very crowded.

So this is a word of warning. Keep an eye on your belongings. Hold your handbag close to your body and watch out for pickpockets.

This is the same advice I would give anyone in any busy marketplace around the world.

However, pickpockets have been known to operate here, in Son Servera market and in other markets around the island.

If you would like to read more about crime in Mallorca, click here.

Why is a day trip to Son Servera Market worth making?

During the hot summer months, an early walk around Son Severa market is a great way to break up the beach holiday.

It’s also really affordable (the price of a bus fare, so in 2022, from 1,80€), with food to be purchased for just a euro or so too.

It’s also an opportunity to experience a Mallorca Old Town so close to some of the biggest holiday resorts on the East Coast of the island.