Find out the top 23 things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024 to enjoy your holiday to the maximum!

From the best activities in Santa Ponsa, places to eat and things to see and do, this is your ultimate guide to this popular holiday resort if you are looking to book for Summer 2024.

Santa Ponsa offers everything you need for a Summer holiday, from amazing beaches, fantastic things to do and see, great bars and restaurants, and some of the best cultural events on the island.

And even if you’re not staying in Santa Ponsa, the resort is also a great location for a day out.

Santa Ponsa lies in a privileged position for a Summer holiday or seasonal break.

What’s more, if you want to see what it’s like for yourself, then I’ll link to some content throughout this article on the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel.

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1. Santa Ponsa is a huge resort |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The first of the 23 great reasons to visit Santa Ponsa in Mallorca is that this is a huge resort.

It stretches over an area of 10km sq, so don’t expect to walk around the entire resort in just a few minutes.

In fact, when I visit Santa Ponsa to make vlogs for my Youtube channel, I usually select one area of the resort to film in.

The advantage to this is that if you choose to book a holiday to Santa Ponsa, then check the location of your hotel and where you are in relation to the beach, bars and restaurants.

2. Santa Ponsa Beach Mallorca|Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The main 500-metre-wide beach features wonderful golden sands in Santa Ponsa.

The sand is golden and fine and the water is shallow making this perfect for families visiting during the Summer months.

And because the beach runs quite deep, it never gets really busy over the summer months, meaning that you will always find space on the sand.

This is also one of the most unique resort beaches on the island since half of the beach is lined by pine trees which offer wonderful shade from the hot summer sun.

There is also a great park area with walkways to the centre of the main resort too which runs behind the breach

The beach shelves gently into the sea too which makes this ideal for families visiting and is split into two sections by a river, the Barranc des Cohans which normally runs dry unless there has been a lot of rain on the island.

What’s more, there are several hotels and restaurants within easy walking distance of the beach, with the most prominent being the H10 Casa del Mar hotel right on Santa Ponsa seafront.

22 reasons to visit Santa Ponsa in Mallorca

3. Caló d’en Pellicer beach|Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

Explore the coast away from the main beach in Santa Ponsa to find some quiet coves, seaside platforms and rocky coastlines.

This is one of my favourite 23 reasons to visit Santa Ponsa in Mallorca. Visitors are not limited to the main beach!

If you’re looking for a different beach experience, head to Caló d’en Pellicer beach which can be found by following the road Gran Via de la Creu just off the main road Avinguda del Rei Jaume I.

You will pass through a residential neighbourhood and some lovely villas to find this quiet beach.

The beach is shaded by pine trees, the waters are calm and there are a couple of restaurants nearby too so you could easily spend the day there.

Plus there is a lovely little kids’ play park.

Because this beach attracts residents during the summer months at the weekends, I would advise visiting on a weekday.

But before this, explore the rocky coastlines which are also excellent for snorkelling. You will find this East side of the coastline to be shaded in the mornings over the hot summer months too.

Getting to Caló d’en Pellicer beach:

There are two TIB buses you can take.

The 103 TIB bus from Palma. You can find the timetable here.

And the 123 bus which follows the coast here.

In the same way that you would find Palmanova and Magaluf to be popular with British visitors, and El Arenal and Can Pastilla to be a magnet for German holidaymakers, you will also find Celtic visitors booking to Santa Ponsa.

The main reason for this is that there is an excellent selection of Scottish and Irish bars in the resort.

As well as the bars that run all the way through Santa Ponsa resort, the very popular Mrs Murphy’s Kitchen, in the centre of the resort serves traditional Irish food which has been given four-star Trip Advisor reviews. Check it out!

It is also one of the main areas on the island to celebrate St Patrick’s day, which you can see here on Youtube.

5. Things to Do in Santa Ponsa on the water |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

During the Summer, you can rent pedalos from the main beach here in Santa Ponsa which in 2022 cost around 16€ for an hour. Stand-up paddleboards are also available for 11€ an hour.

There are also boat trips to enjoy from Santa Ponsa, and the absolute best is the dolphin-watching cruise.

Head out on a 3-hour Cormoran catamaran cruise and see dolphins play in their natural environment, while a the same time exploring Mallorca’s beautiful coastline.

The cruise also offers the opportunity to stop for a swim.

To book, you can do so here with my partner, GetYourGuide here:

6. Things to do in Santa Ponsa – on dry land |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

Golf enthusiasts also flock to Santa Ponsa. There is a large PGA golf course with three huge golf courses to choose from.

Tournaments and events are played here as well as the opportunity to take in a round of golf yourself.

If you prefer your golf a little more “crazy” then check out the Mini-Golf Miraflores on Calle Ramon Moncada 34, which is lots of fun for all the family in a shady but central area of Santa Ponsa

Jungle Parc is also a fantastic tree-top climbing adventure centre for families and adults of all ages. My daughter has visited here for birthday parties and had an excellent time here.

It’s a great place for a family or group activity day, especially on a cloudy day or to have a break from the beach.

7. Santa Ponsa Hotels |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

There is a great choice of hotels in Santa Ponsa catering for families.

Plus since there are limits on alcohol in all-inclusive in nearby Magaluf, you will find some holidaymakers are now preferring to book their holiday at an all-inclusive hotel in Santa Ponsa instead.

However, be warned. I’ve heard some of the all-inclusive hotels have been negatively impacted by visitors who would normally stay in the all-inclusive Magaluf hotels, now deciding to book in Santa Ponsa.

Magaluf has imposed a 6-drink daily limit on alcoholic drinks but you will not find these restrictions in Santa Ponsa.

Many regular visitors to Santa Ponsa have complained (and I have read this in comments on my Youtube channel) that the resort is starting to attract the crowd that you would normally find in Magaluf.

There have also been complaints of sunbed wars in many of the family hotels. Check out this article here to find out why some Santa Ponsa hotels allow the 5 am sunbed dash.

One of the stand-out hotels in my opinion that I would consider booking is the H10 Casa del Mar hotel on Santa Ponsa Seafront.

Located right on the Santa Ponsa beachfront, this hotel is centrally located to enjoy every area of Santa Ponsa.

Just paces from the beach make this hotel a great choice for those with mobility issues.

Plus with a rooftop view expect to enjoy amazing views from this hotel. Find out more here.

To find other hotels and great holiday packages, search here.

8. Eating out in Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

I found eating out in Santa Ponsa to offer the best value for money than most of the other resorts on the island.

I could find a 60-cent coffee and a 1€ beer at the Santuario restaurant which was amazing value.

There is a great choice of restaurants in the resort catering for visiting international and especially UK and Irish visitors.

You can find a huge choice of food right across Santa Ponsa including Spanish food, family food (the usual burger, chips and pizza), steakhouses as well as Japanese, Chinese and Indian.

For those on a real budget, there are also McDonald’s and Burger King.

The choices of places to dine are huge. From the Watering Hole where you can go for lunch and enjoy the restaurant’s swimming pool to the more upmarket Persevantia Beach Club which is right on the water with amazing views.

Families will love the family-friendly value-for-money Restaurante Rehin which is on Avenida Jaime I.

In 2022, dishes start from 7,50€ and even a margarita pizza is just 6€. Now there is nowhere else on the island that I found such value this summer.

If you are not staying half board in a hotel, but also travelling on a low budget, then set back at least 15€ (main course and drink) for a meal (maybe even less) and go from there.

9. Santa Ponsa Nightlife |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The majority of Santa Ponsa’s nightlife is centred around Calle Ramon Montcada and the far end of Gran Via Puig de Galatzó (as you leave the beach).

The bars here get lively from early evening and more so if there is a football match or major sporting event.

Check out the Dubliner and Sean’s Place for starters if you like live music. I visited in the Summer when the band were playing rock covers and they were good!

Don’t forget you are going to find local Spanish beer to be cheaper than imported beers, so a pint of Guinness could set you back 7€. Whereas a pint of Spanish beer will cost around 3,50€.

10. Where to get afternoon tea in Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

You will see many cafés and restaurants over the island selling coffee and cake (and this is very popular with our German visitors), but the absolute BEST place to go for afternoon tea (or anytime tea and cake) is Penny’s Tea Room in Santa Ponsa.

Penny started her tea room over lockdown during the global pandemic, and I remember first walking into her café when filming my first Santa Ponsa video in 2020 (you can find that on my YouTube channel!).

And what an addition to the food offering in Santa Ponsa. With amazing fresh cakes baked daily, I can recommend trying ginger cake, banoffee pie and rocky road.

Open year-round, check out what Penny is baking this week here.

EDIT: I’ve since heard that Penny’s Tea Room has had to close. If Penny will bake elsewhere I’ll update this post. I’ll also try and find an alternative. If you know of anywhere, do let me know in the comments below.

11. Santa Ponsa Summer Market |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

During the Summer months, you will find a market running along the seafront from across the road from the H10 Casa del Mar hotel, running along to the end of the beach towards the centre of the resort.

Filled with locally made crafts, this is a great place to browse and buy locally made souvenirs.

You will find the market at around 7 pm most evenings through July and August until around 10 pm.

mallorca under the sun amazon shop

12. Where to watch the Football in Santa Ponsa | Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

Many bars throughout Santa Ponsa will show the main sporting events, so if you want to watch the football combined with some atmosphere, then head into the centre of Santa Ponsa.

The busiest bars are Daniel’s Corner, Flamingo’s Music Bar as well as Tom’s Pub, Brennan’s and Sean’s Place.

You’ll find it a little quieter in the Dubliner. The further you move away from the centre, the quieter you will find the bars.

I also made a live stream at a time when the Champions League between Man City and Liverpool was being played, so if you would like to see how busy and what the atmosphere was like then check out the live stream here.

13. Where to watch the sunset in Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

If you are looking to see the sunset in Santa Ponsa, then you are spoilt for choice.

This is one of the top 23 reasons to visit Santa Ponsa in Mallorca in my opinion. It’s the one area of the island which enjoys spectacular sunsets.

In my top things to do in Santa Ponsa in Santa Ponsa, I have three recommended spots to do this.

Firstly from any one of the Chiringuito beach bars on Santa Ponsa beach.

There are three to choose from and all provide wonderful views of the setting sun.

So get a table early, and grab a cocktail for one of the nicest parts of the day.

Another favourite spot is at the Cross of Discovery, which is near the marina in Santa Ponsa.

There is a lovely walk which takes around 15 to 20 minutes from the centre of the resort.

During peak season, expect the sun to set at around 8:45 pm so set off early for a post-dinner stroll if you are eating early for the most lovely views across the water.

Thirdly and this is my favourite is taking a walk through Santa Ponsa to El Chiringuito Beach bar in Costa de la Calma.

This has to be one of the best places in Mallorca to watch the sunset.

This beach bar opens for the Summer season and closes at the end of October.

It is hoped to open in Easter 2024. You can see my video here about this and get an idea of what it’s like.

Where to watch the sunset in Santa Ponsa
Watching the sunset from El Chringuito bar in Costa de la Calma

14. Sightseeing around Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

One of the easiest day trips to do is to take the TIB bus to Palmanova and Magaluf. Of course, you have all the attractions of these two resorts to offer and you can read all about some great things to do in Magaluf here.

Just jump on the 123 bus towards Cas Catalá and you can choose to get off at either Magaluf or Palmanova.

Port Adriano is another great option for a day trip. I made a video out of this here. Not only is there a lovely beach, but the port itself runs an exciting programme of events year-round.

Plus there are some lovely restaurants and a beach club too.

It’s also really easy to get to Mallorca’s capital Palma. Just jump onto the 103 bus which will take you there directly.

You can find the timetable here.

Sightsee around Palma’s Old Town, commercial centre, and all the best historical sights like the cathedral.

Or book a ticket on the Palma City Sightseeing bus to easily see all the key sights without having to follow a map. Check out the best way to do this here.

Another fantastic option for a day out is to take the 122 bus to Camp de Mar, and eat a traditional paella. There is a lovely walk along the beach and along the coastal path here but best of all is the selection of seafood restaurants and beach bars to grab a bite to eat with great views.

You can find the TIB bus timetable here.

You can find out all about getting around Mallorca in this article here .

15. St Patrick’s Day in Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

A great place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day is in Santa Ponsa. For 2024, St Patrick’s Day will be held on the 17 March and there will be a huge parade in the centre of reosrt.

It won’t be hot and sunny, but there is a great event here.

You will find food trucks and a fantastic market lining the seafront, plus a great atmosphere in the bars.

Just bear in mind that while many bars will open just for St Patrick’s Day, many will then close again until Easter at the end of March in 2024 or until the beginning of the season on May 1st.

St Patrick’s Day in Santa Ponsa attracts visitors from all over the island. It’s the biggest event happening this weekend in March and it is so lively that the residents don’t want to miss it either.

Watch on my Youtube Channel what St Patrick’s Day in Santa Ponsa was like in 2023 here.

16. Hiking around Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

There are hiking routes all over Calvia, however, the most family-friendly and easiest to do is the walk around the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park.

hiking around Santa Ponsa
Views from Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park.

This hike offers wonderful views right across Santa Ponsa and is great for all the family since this is also a historical site.

There is plenty of parking on the outside of the park, and follow the signs to the Mirador (lookout).

The views are incredible stretching right across Santa Ponsa

You will also see plenty of goats in the area too.

Where to find Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Park:

17 Visit the Santa Ponsa Windmill |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

As soon as you arrive at Palma de Mallorca airport you will see windmills on Mallorca’s landscape and these are iconic symbols on the island.

If you would like to get up close to one of these, then you will find a windmill right near the Santa Ponsa motorway exit.

You can park nearby and visit this emblematic symbol of Mallorca, and see a real working windmill (and tourist attraction) in action.

In 2024, I have seen that renovations are being made to the windmill, so expect this to be a popular attraction when the season starts.

18. The Festes de San Jaume, Santa Ponsa |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

Booking your holiday to Santa Ponsa during the “Fests de San Jaume” could quite possibly be the very best time to visit the resort.

With a whole programme of events geared towards the very best cultural events, children’s activities from arts and crafts to an epic foam party, cinema on the beach, music and fireworks, this celebration puts Santa Ponsa as the main resort at the beginning of September.

The best thing about this event is that it is free

So combine fantastic weather and your beach break with one of the biggest and best cultural events on the island and some wonderful free activities. The next events in this article are just a sample of what you can enjoy.

If you are visiting Santa Ponsa from outside the resort, then arrive early for any of the events as the car parks and side streets fill up quickly.

19. The Santa Ponsa Giants Parade |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The giants or big heads represent municipalities from all over Mallorca and come together for a procession and dance.

It’s a great atmosphere and an event that you can see in so many other areas of the island.

If you want to experience real Mallorca tradition, then check out the Giant’s parade, and don’t forget your camera.!

20. The Santa Ponsa Correfoc |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The Correfoc or running of the fires in Santa Ponsa is one of the best on the island.

It’s the night when the “demonis” or devils come to parade spraying fireworks and firecrackers over the waiting public.

You will see locals dancing underneath the sparks, and drummers playing some incredible music.

The event culminates with a music concert and an actual firework display which lights up Santa Ponsa.

You can read more about the Correfoc here, but it is in my opinion the best night out in Santa Ponsa for the year!

The Correfoc in Santa Ponsa

Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The event is to reenact the battle in 1299 when the Christian troops fought the residing Moors when King Jaume I landed in Mallorca.

You will see horses on the beach, and locals take part too, dressing up as soldiers on either side of the battle.

Many other smaller mock battles take place, and it’s all good fun.

22. The Santa Ponsa Medieval Market |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

To accompany the celebrations, there is a Medieval market running along the back of the beach for the days around the Moors and Christian’s battle.

It’s also a great opportunity to buy a medieval fancy dress if you would like to participate in the event.

Of course, there are many other locally-made products, and amazing food stalls to feast on.

You can see a video about the Medieval market on the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel here.

23. Getting Around Santa Ponsa is easy |Things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024

The final 23 things to do in Santa Ponsa in Mallorca is that getting around Santa Ponsa whether you are travelling there directly from Palma airport or just visiting for the day.

You can take the A11 bus from Palma Airport to Santa Ponsa. See the timetable here.

A taxi will cost in the region of 40€

If you want to find out more about taking a taxi or bus, then check out these articles here all about getting around Mallorca.

You can also book your transfer directly here:

Book Mallorca transfers

And you can book car hire here:

I hope you found my top tips for things to do in Santa Ponsa Mallorca in 2024 to be useful. If I have left anything out that readers need to know about, please let me know in the comments below.

If you would like to find out about the pros and cons of booking another resort in Mallorca, check out this article here.