If you are thinking of moving to Mallorca, then this article will outline the approximate cost of living in Mallorca in 2023 and approximately how much you will need to budget per month to live on the island.

Please note these costs are average. You may well find cheaper deals or find other aspects of this article to be more expensive.

This article is based on my experiences of what I spend and what you can expect to pay depending on your situation. 

Remember this article is intended as a guide and the cost of living in Mallorca can go up without notice. And for that reason, I would recommend budgeting a little more for a comfortable lifestyle.

Rental costs in Mallorca

Property rentals have skyrocketed in the past 12 months, with demand outstripping supply.

What’s more good rental properties are hard to find.

The increase in revenue gained from short-term summer rentals means more and more landlords are renting their properties as holiday lets, meaning there is less availability for those who wish to live here.

Therefore due to a lack of availability, Mallorca has experienced an increase in average rental costs.

While it was reported that the average cost of 85 square metre apartments during 2022 was 605€ in the Balearic Islands, the reality is very different.

Taking a look at apartment rental availability on the popular home finder website Idealista for the entire Palma area, the cheapest properties available for a one-bedroom, 50 square metre apartment or studio is currently in January 650€.

Outside of Palma, the cheapest one-bedroom property costs 500€ in S’Illot or 560€ for a 38 square-metre studio in Costa de la Calma.

These apartments are priced at the bottom end of the scale.

In reality, if you are moving to Mallorca to work or on one of the working visas you will want a home away from home.

In 2023, you will be lucky to find a two-bedroom 85sq metre apartment for less than 1,100 € in and around sought-after Palma city neighbourhoods, so from Can Pastilla, Palma Old Town, to Cala Mayor and San Augustin. and in other main towns across the island. 

You can find cheaper rentals in smaller towns or get more for your money in the countryside.

Front-line properties with stunning sea views can command a higher rental price. As can those in gated communities with gardens and swimming pools.

The average cost to rent a 3 bedroom apartment in these areas starts from around 1300€ to 1,800€ a month depending on the condition, facilities and location.

Expect to pay at the very least 1,600€ to over 2,000€ for a house with 3 or 4 bedrooms, but expect to pay on the upper end of the scale for this.

renting in mallorca

Average Utility Bill Costs, Mallorca

How much do I pay for Electricity, Mallorca

Surprisingly, the cost of electricity has remained pretty much the same for me at least during 2022 and going into 2023. 

I pay around 80€ to 90€ a month depending on the time of year. This can be slightly more in the winter and summer months when paying for heating and air-conditioning, or less in the Spring and Autumn.

In September I even received a 35€ rebate from Endessa the electricity company.  This is in stark contrast to the cost of living crisis in the UK at present and the high cost of electricity.

Air conditioning is more important than heating and so far in January 2023, the heating is yet to go on.

Even during the Summer months when I used the airconditioning a little more, especially as I work from home, I didn’t find that much of a difference to my electricity bill.

Mobile and Broadband Costs, Mallorca

The phone companies bundle offers for mobile and wifi, so do your research when you get here. 

My costs have remained around the same I pay around 90€ a month for a landline, unlimited 5G broadband, and two sim cards.  I think Spanish TV streaming is thrown in too, but I never have time to watch it. I use Vodafone, but take this contract at your own risk. 

My own experience with Vodafone has been horrendous.  The customer service is diabolical, and if you wish to upgrade your service which I did, then expect to pay for two different services in one month and you won’t get reimbursed.

If you are not a content creator and need a more budget-friendly plan, then many of my friends use Hits.  Check them out if you would like to pay less.

My reason for not changing is that I have had my phone number since 2005 and I don’t want to change it. Nor do I have the time to make such a switchover, which is sure to incur penalties and just a ridiculous amount of paperwork.

If you’re moving to the countryside or a more remote location, check you have access to a good internet connection before agreeing on the rental contract if this is important to you. There are still some blind spots in Mallorca where the internet is yet to be rolled out.

How much is a weekly shop in Mallorca

Unlike living in the UK, I find it really hard to do one weekly shop in just one supermarket. And I tend to pop into a combination of Mercadona, Carrefour, Aldi and Lidel depending on what I need. And of course, I go to the market for fresh fruit and veg when I can.

Some supermarkets are better for some things than others.  For example, Aldi has a great range of well-priced and inexpensive ecological products that you’ll find anywhere else. 

Carrefour is also great for international foods.  Mercadona I go to for staples but I try and shop here less and less now. The price hikes in Mercadona have been astronomical since the pandemic and more so during 2022. So I do try and shop more in Lidel, and I love the bakery there too.

In 2022, my weekly shopping for two is usually around 70€ on average.  However, for 2023, this has increased to somewhere between 80€ to 100€ depending on what I have to buy.

So double this and add a bit extra on for a family of four.

The food prices in supermarkets over the past year have rocketed as indeed it has in other countries. 

However, just before Christmas 2022, food prices soared in Mallorca supermarkets only to be reduced in January 2023 when the Government announced cost-saving measures to be applied to essential household items.

If you move to Mallorca, expect a rocky ride as far as the costs of food in the supermarkets. It can feel like costs are rising weekly.

Eating Out in Mallorca

Look out for restaurants serving a “Menu del Dia” which starts from around 10€ in some areas around the island.   Menu del Dia meals are lunchtime specials which include sometimes a starter, but usually a main course and dessert with a drink.

Some restaurants will have a similar concept for an evening meal.  Check if this includes a drink, otherwise expect to factor in another 5€ to 10€ depending on what you like to drink or how much you like to drink!

Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant is in the region of around 45€, for a main course, some drinks, and a dessert.

Seafood restaurants, expect to pay at least 40€ to 80€ for two people including starters, main, desserts and drinks.

olive tree restaurant mallorca
One of my favourite places to eat out in Mallorca – The Olive Tree Restaurant in Palmanova.

How much are drinks in Mallorca?

You can pay as little as 1,50€ to 7,00€ for a beer depending on where you drink and what you drink. 

Obviously a drink or cocktail in a luxury beach club will cost more than a beer in your resort or city café.  The same goes for drinking wine.

The waterparks (see my Aqualand video) were shockingly expensive – 15€ for two pints.

You’ll find spirit measures are a lot more generous than in many other northern European countries so you really do get value for money in that respect.

beer on the beach

Getting Around Mallorca

Driving in Mallorca

I only fill up my Ford Fiesta every 7 to 9 days depending on how much driving I do, and the cost went up considerably gone up during 2022.

The Government implemented a 20% discount as a cost-saving measure as the price of fuel rocketed during 2022.

So to fill my car went from on average 50€ to almost 80€.  These cost-saving measures came to an end at the end of 2022. 

I now pay just under 70€ for a full tank. 

And don’t forget too that if you own a car, you have to pay car tax which costs around 80€ a year and get a roadworthy check (ITV) done too which is approximately 30€.

The Government are looking to irradicate diesel cars in the future and limit the sales of unleaded vehicles.  

So be aware in the future that car ownership could get more expensive, and leasing a vehicle may be the only affordable option.

The cheapest vehicle lease (a Seat Arona) through La Caixa bank in 2023 is 326,31€ per month.

Public Transport in Mallorca

There is great news for residents in Mallorca for 2023.  Free public transport has been offered to all residents who have a TIB Intermodal card to any of the TIB busses or trains on the island, or a Palma Citizen card to use the EMT buses in Palma.

You can read more about this here and how to get Intermodal TIB card and the Palma Citizen Card.

If you are unable to get the TIB Intermodal card (the queues are proving to be quite long), then this is how much you can expect to pay and how to use the TIB buses here.

Likewise, this is a guide to using the EMT buses here.

How much is a haircut in Mallorca?

Hairdressers can cost in excess of 100€ in and around Puerto Portals.  My friend Lisa Fox has a year-round residents’ offer for a colour, cut and blow dry and charges a lot less than many hairdressers on the island. She works from the Hair Salon at La Residencia in Deia throughout the year but make sure you make an appointment in advance of arriving.   

This hotel is one of the most famous on the island which attracts A-List celebrities.  I asked her whose hair she has cut, but of course, she wouldn’t tell me!  The absolute bonus of going to Deia to get your hair cut is being able to enjoy a nice day out in Deia too. The views from the terrace in the hotel are stunning!

Hairdressers in Deia

Gyms in Mallorca

IME Palma
Just one of Palma’s fantastic sport’s centres

There are many gyms and fitness classes on the island from pilates yoga to beach fit on Palmanova beach.

There are also private gyms which cost around 50€ per month membership.

For the best value, you can join the municipal sports centres all over the island.  In Palma for example, you can get a year’s membership for 136€ and use any of the swimming pools and gyms which is fantastic value.

Schools in Mallorca

The public schools in Mallorca are free however, books and supplies are not. Although provisions are made for those unable to pay, factor in around 300€ to 400€  to get supplies at the beginning of the school year.  And it may be possible to offset this cost on your tax return, depending on your circumstances.

It’s also extremely hard to get a free public school nursery place and places are normally given to families with more than two children.  So it’s likely that if you have to return to work, you will have to pay for nursery education which is in the region of 300€ to 500€ a month.

International Schools, depending on how old your child is, can cost around 8,000€ to 12,000€ per year which includes books and supplies in most cases, but not a school lunch.

Spanish private schools are cheaper than international schools per year costing in the region of 4,000€ to 5,000€ per year.

For both International and Spanish private schools you will also need to pay an enrollment fee which can be anything from 500€ to 1,200€. This is only returned if enough notice is given before leaving, and I know many people who have had to leave the island and been unable to give adequate notice and have not had their deposit returned.

So what other school extras can you expect to pay?

The dining hall service or “comedor” (or hot lunches) must be paid for so expect to factor in around 120€ to 160€ a month.  Some schools don’t allow packed lunches.

Plus depending on the after-school activity, it’s possible that these will have to be paid for too which can amount up to hundreds of extra euros a month.

That said, there are some great independent after-school activities around the city that are a lot cheaper than going through the school system, so if your child is going to an international school, make sure you do some research.

Schools in Mallorca

The Cost of Healthcare in Mallorca

State healthcare is great here on the island but you do need to be registered with the social security system, and the town hall in your area to access this.  And it is free, and you will have to pay for prescription medicine in the pharmacies.

However many visas, particularly from the UK and other “third countries” request that those moving to the island must have a private health insurance policy.

The cost of private health care varies depending on the provider and the age of the policyholder and if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

Expect to budget around 60€ to 100€ a month for this.

The Cost of Living in Mallorca – How much to budget

A Single Person living in Mallorca:

The absolute minimum that I would recommend a single person should budget to live in Mallorca per month is 800€ without rent.

I would recommend budgeting extra for emergencies, so better to budget around 1000€ a month.

A Family of Four living in Mallorca:

I would recommend a family of four budget at least 3,000€ for a month without rent and private schools in Mallorca. Obviously, it would be comfortable to budget more.

If you would like to read more about the pros and cons of living in Mallorca, check out this article here

And to check out some of the downsides to living in Mallorca, check out this article here.

Let me know in the comments below if you live on the island and how much you budget per month.

So I hope this has given you an idea about the cost of living in Mallorca 2023, and how much you will need to live comfortably on the island.   

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