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I have a quick Mallorca travel update for the 25 April 2022 which I had wanted to include in my live stream from Port de Soller yesterday. However mobile phone signal issues brought my life stream to an end.

So this following information will prove useful if you’re coming out to the island in the coming days.

Wearing face masks

I reported last week that mask wearing in public places was no longer mandatory. If you’re visiting the island, you will still see that many the wearing of face masks is still widespread.

To clarify, you don’t need to wear a face mask in public places, unless you are using public transport, visiting a medical centre, a hospital or pharmacy. So even though many residents are wearing face masks, do not be alarmed. There hasn’t been another change of rules.

This I feel is simply due to the strict conditions we have had here in Spain over the past two years.  And reports of increased cases of flu.

Whatever the reason, it’s taking time for residents to get used to being able to go about their day face mask free.   

I struggled in the UK last week seeing people mask free in shops and supermarkets and it’s going to take time here too.

My daughter returned to school this morning following the Easter holiday break, and I saw a high percentage of children still going to school wearing face masks.

When I picked her up, all the children had removed their face masks, and the school day had returned to as it was – without restrictions – pre-Covid.

Travelling to Mallorca from the UK 

The Spanish (SPTH) health form has been vastly reduced so only those needing tests will have to fill this out.

Even so, the information required is purely inputting personal details (passport number, flight, and address) and then select the test taken and indicate a negative result. 

No checks were made with regards to the type of test that was taken, nor the validity of the test certificate.

I asked the woman at the “health desk” in Palma if she wanted to check the covid certificate and she shrugged her shoulders and waved us through.

So getting my daughter an antigen test in the UK was a complete waste of time and money, however if we had not done it, I suspect we could’ve been subject to a spot check.

Flying into Palma airport

Getting the locator QR code:

Vaccinated visitors don’t need to fill in the passenger locator to generate the QR code locator from the Spanish Health website and will be asked to present their vaccination certificate only .

Taking the flight:

Before you travel, check your flight is still running on the days running up to your departure. If an airline cancels your flight, then check out this article here.

Make sure you arrive at the airport in good time due to a huge increase recently of people travelling and possible staffing shortages at the airport.

On the flight, passengers were asked to wear a mask but after the initial take off checks were made, many passengers removed their face masks which weren’t replaced until landing.

The covid test wasn’t checked at Bristol Airport nor upon arriving in Spain.  They only scanned the QR code.

I noticed too in the UK that they will be shutting the testing facility at Bristol Airport at the end of the month which to me indicates that restrictions will soon be coming to an end.

The blue lane and orange lanes that the Spanish Health website advised arrivals to follow on entry to Spain were non-existent at Palma airport, so if you’re arriving onto the island, you do not need to worry about this.

The next revision of the current entry restrictions is due to take place a the end of the month. 

I’m hoping we will receive positive news with regards to non-vaccinated passengers arriving in from third countries such as the UK and the USA.

Watch this space and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel  for the more Mallorca travel updates.

For further information about travelling from the UK and the current travel restrictions, see this article here.

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