Mallorca entry requirements will change from the 1 February 2022. This article follows several questions I have had on my Facebook Group from concerned travellers planning their holidays this summer.

So if you’re planning a holiday to Mallorca in the coming weeks, this is what you need to know.

Mallorca entry requirements: Valid from 1 February 2022

According to the official Spanish Health Website, as of the 1 February 2022, the validity of the Covid vaccination certificate will be reduced.

So anyone entering Spain who is classed as fully vaccinated must review their Covid vaccination certificate before travelling. Covid vaccination certificates or passports will only be valid in Spain for 270 days (appoximately 9 months) after the date of the last dose received.

So if you find you need to get a vaccine booster in order to travel, 14 days must pass from the date of the booster before arrival into Spain.  

However if you’re visiting Spain from an EU country or Schengen area, the Spanish Health website states you may enter Spain with a Covid Vaccination Certificate, negative Covid test or recovery certificate which is less than 180 days old

Please check the website for the rules that apply to you for the country you are travelling from.

At present if you’re a national travelling from the UK or from another Third Country like the USA or Canada, travellers aged 12 and over must be fully vaccinated if visiting for tourism purposes.  (unless you are resident here or meet other mainly professional exemptions which you can find on the Spanish Health website ).

Many people are asking if the rules will stay the same as we go into the summer?  We don’t know yet. And it’s just too early to say.  As I’ve said before, if you are not fully vaccinated, then wait before booking your holiday.

Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to double check official government sources before travelling and I have listed these below, as rules may change as we move into the Summer.

What is the situation like in Mallorca now?

Life is a lot more relaxed in Mallorca than it was at this time last year. The feeling is positive and we are expecting a really busy Summer on the island.

However, at present, you will need a valid Covid passport to go inside of restaurants or museums, and some other indoor public spaces (not supermarkets or shopping centres) and these are being checked on entry.

If you’re not fully vaccinated in Mallorca, you can still eat or drink in bars and restaurants, but you will have to sit on the tables outside.

It’s also a requirement to wear a face mask outside where you can’t maintain a 1.5m distance from others.   This doesn’t apply if you’re on the beach or in the countryside. 

We’ve been used to wearing masks in supermarkets and shopping centres since the pandemic started so it’s not really an issue for us here. So this rule isn’t likely to change any time soon. Otherwise, people are more or less using their common sense as to when to put a mask on.

You will see more people wearing masks in busy areas like Palma city, towns and marketplaces around the island where people are gathering.  

And because restaurants, museums and art galleries are checking certificates, don’t forget to take yours out with you if you are sightseeing, whether printed or on your mobile phone.

You can find more information here about the general measures in Spain.

Where to check official information:

Finally, please do not rely on newspapers or even me to provide the correct up to date information. This is a personal website, and not an official information source.

I can’t stress the importance of referencing official websites only with regards to Mallorca entry requirements, as these rules keep changing.  So check the links below if you are travelling soon.

Travel Safe Spain – entry requirements from the country you are travelling from.

Spain Travel Health – you must fill in the Spanish health form and download the QR code before arrival.

Official Balearic Island Tourism Website – for island Covid updates.

Mallorca Entry Requirements Update on Youtube