With widespread news reports of a looming public transport crisis in Mallorca, I’ll let you know what it’s really like getting around Mallorca, in Summer.

What it’s really like getting around Mallorca in peak season

In Summer 2022, I mentioned the island is extremely busy during peak season and we are noticing that there is a huge demand for public transport.

So we are seeing huge queues at the TIB bus stops heading to Palma and also connecting the resorts.  

And these queues are starting from mid-morning and I have also heard reports that full buses are passing the bus stops and visitors are experiencing longer than normal waits.  

Extra bus services are being laid on, and I have heard that bus companies are going to increase driver numbers.

However, this will not immediately ease the pressure on the buses and the demand for public transport.

So my advice is to maybe try and get one bus stop ahead of the bus stop you are at.  This may make a difference as you whether you get a seat or not.  

getting around mallorca by bus

Also if you are travelling as a group, then it may be worthwhile sharing a taxi. So please check out this article here all about taking taxis in Mallorca.

I’ve included a price calculator and some pricing information so you can get an idea of how much the fare will cost. 

However, we are now seeing taxi ranks getting extremely busy in the early evening. 

I have seen queues in Cala Mayor starting before 7pm heading in the direction of Palma.

My recommendation particularly in Palma area is to try to get a bus first.  The buses on popular routes – for example from Playa de Palma and Illetas and Cala Mayor into the city run every few minutes.

If you’re staying in a hotel, ask at reception if they can book a taxi for you.

So as we approach July, we are expecting there to be even a great strain on public transport services.  

My advice is if you’re planning a day out on the buses is to have a “Plan B” for the day.  

Because you could be waiting for a bus for a while and then three come along FULL you may need to change your plan if you do not wish to wait any longer.

So what could your Plan B look like.

  1. Go in the other direction on an emptier bus.  If you’re in Alcudia Beach, rather than heading towards the old town, head down to Can Picafort for a look around and if it’s a Friday, then it’s market day.
  2. Find another route.  So this is a recommendation from Admin Ann from the Facebook group who was travelling back from Alcudia last week.  Instead of waiting at the back of a very long queue for the bus that she may not have got on back to Palma. Instead she got on an emptier bus to Inca, and then caught the train to Palma train station.
  3. Trains are often much emptier than the buses and you can get to different areas to the island or sidestep a packed bus.
  4. If your bus journey isn’t too long then be prepared to walk.  If you’re coming back from Alcuida old town to the Alcuida beach resort, then have a pair of trainers with you and you can easily walk back.  The same goes for walking from Palma back to Cala Mayor. 
  5. Set off early.  Markets open from 8:30 in the morning and shops and sites tend to open from 10am. 
  6. If you’re visiting Palma, get to the city earlier, head to the market, go for a coffee and croissant in the shade or walk around some of the sights while it’s cooler.  Then head back to your resort before or after lunch to enjoy the rest of the day by the beach. 
  7. Alternatively, you can avoid any waiting around and book a tour.  If you don’t know what to book, head on over to the experiences page and check out some great ideas.  Also don’t forget that booking using the links on my website helps support the channel with no extra cost to yourself.

And if you want to sightsee and really do not want to use the public buses then book a tour. You can find a selection of experiences here or book from Mallorca’s best rated excursions here.

When not to use the public buses

My recommendation is if you are travelling back to Palma airport, to not change buses in busy resorts.

Try to take a direct bus to the airport where possible.

If not, get a direct bus to Palma, and then jump on the A1 bus to the airport. These buses run every 10 minutes or so, and there is more availability.

Plus you don’t risk packed buses passing by your stop in a resort.

There is also the option from Palma city to get a taxi too if you’re running late.

And if you do not want the hassle of getting a public bus to the airport, then book your airport transfer here for peace of mind.

Mallorca transfers

OTHER MALLORCA NEWS: Holiday availability

If don’t have your holiday booked already in Mallorca, it’s perfectly likely you will be paying through the roof for a holiday.

It’s been reported in the press that hotels are putting their prices up and some hotels are even stopping sales.

So if you have found a great deal on the island,  head on over to the Facebook group and let us know if you find any really good deals and who you are travelling with. 

The going rate I’m noticing is around 800€ or pounds for a package holiday per person for one week.

If you are able to get a reasonably priced flight, check out Expedia.com here for accommodation options

Watch: What it’s really like getting around Mallorca, on Youtube

I visited Peguera in Calvia to make this video about what it’s really like getting around Mallorca for Summer 2022.

You can see the interview I made with some holidaymakers who reguarly use the public transport system and what their experience has been so far.