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If you are planning to visit Cala Pi in Mallorca either for a holiday or a day trip, then check out this guide and find out if this resort is for you.

So if you’re looking to visit Cala Pi, you’ll also be in luck because this is the location of Mallorca’s No 1 Instagram location.

It’s also home to some of the most stunning turquoise water sea which is the reason why tourists flock to the resort.

So before you book, find out more about this pretty Mallorca holiday resort, from what the beach is like, hotels in the area, things to do and how to get there.

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What is Cala Pi Mallorca like for a holiday?

If you’re looking to book a break in a very quiet resort, then Cala Pi really is for you.

This is not a big resort. In fact, it consists of little more than a small complex comprising of a hotel, a few shops and a handful of restaurants.

There are a couple of other shops and restaurants in the resort, but that is about it. This is not the resort to go to if you’re looking for lively nightlife outside of the hotel.

There is also a lovely lookout “Torre Cala Pi” at the end of the resort with incredible views of the area.

Torre Cala Pi tower Mallorca

However, if you like your beaches small and compact, then Cala Pi Beach is for you. But there are quite a few activities to do in this area, so keep reading.

Cala Pi is also home to a stunning cala or cove that is only 50 metres wide but runs deep. It is flanked by high cliffs which are also home to Mallorca’s No 1 Instagram location.

Visit Cala Pi – Mallorca’s Number 1 Instagram location

The main reason holidaymakers visit Cala Pi for the day is to have their photo taken on the iconic platform overlooking Cala Pi’s turquoise blue waters.

Cala Pi is Mallorca’s number-one Instagram location. Just search for #calapi on Instagram and you will see what I mean.

Mallorca's No 1 Instagram location
Mallorca’s No 1 Instagram location

It’s a rather hair-raising walk to the platform that has since had to be reinforced with concrete to cope with the weight of the hundreds of visitors that visit daily.

Check out the video playing on the page to find out how to get there.

Cala Pi does get very busy during the day with day trippers coming in from other areas of the island to have their photo taken.

If you do decide to have your photo taken from this point, just tread carefully, because, at the time of writing, there is no fence or barrier around the surrounding ledge or cliffside where visitors line up for the perfect photo.

Take particular care if it has been raining and the ground is slippy.

Visit Cala Pi Mallorca

Is Cala Pi beach accessible to all?

There are 147 steps that lead down to the beach.

There is no lift or any other means to walk down to the beach except to walk.

Therefore if you are thinking of booking to Cala Pi and have accessibility issues, I would recommend booking to another resort with great access to the beach, such as Palmanova, Puerto Pollensa, Alcudia, Playa de Palma or Peguera.

You can find these guides here.

What’s it like to visit Cala Pi beach?

Cala Pi is set in a stunning location with dramatic high cliffs flanking the little beach.

There are some traditional Mallorcan boathouses next to the water which gives this resort heaps of traditional Mallorca charm.

But you won’t find pedalos or sunbeds here to rent, so if you visit, make sure you bring a towel or inflatable.

The water here is calm, clean and clear too, so it is great for families.

And because of the high cliffs surrounding Cala Pi, this is a great destination to visit in Spring and Autumn because Cala Pi beach is sheltered from any offshore breezes.

However, in July and August, this beach can get extremely busy. I would therefore recommend visiting either early in the morning or later in the afternoon during these months.

Hotels in Cala Pi, Mallorca

There is one main aparthotel in the resort – the Ona Cala Pi Club.

There is a complex below the hotel with a couple of restaurants, a bakery and a mini-supermarket which includes things for the beach.

Things to do in Cala Pi

There aren’t many things to do in Cala Pi itself because the resort is small and caters for those looking for a quieter holiday.

So when you’ve exhausted the opportunity of taking your Instagram photo, you can also explore the cliff areas on either side of the beach. Be careful though.

You can also visit the Cala Pi Torre (tower) at the end of the resort for other lovely views of Cala Pi where you can also enjoy great views on either side of the resort.

views from Cala Pi
Views from Cala Pi

Just a short drive from Cala Pi, it’s also worth stopping off at Cap Blanc Lighthouse.

It was closed when I got there, but if you are visiting, follow the path, and head over the wall to enjoy some amazing views.

Cap Blanc is also a bird watcher’s paradise here. I spotted several groups out on the day I visited.

However Cala Pi is in a great location to enjoy other sporting activities: Here are the most popular.

Which Golf courses are near Cala Pi?

There are 3 golf clubs near Cala Pi; Son Antem, Son Gual and Maioris. Son Antem is the largest with 36 holes. The other two golf courses have 18.

Cycling in Cala Pi

The roads are largely long and flat around Cala Pi and all along the south coast. This makes fantastic cycling conditions and you will see groups of cyclists exploring the area.

There is a fantastic bike route to follow from Palma, along the south coast to Cala Pi. You can check it out here.

Hiking in Cala Pi

The area surrounding the cliff in Cala Pi is home to some amazing hikes on the island. Make sure you wear adequate footwear and take plenty of water.

Also, let someone know you are setting out on a hike and when you will be back too before you venture out.

To find the best hikes in this area, check this link here.

Wine tasting in Cala Pi

There are some great vineyards around Cala Pi, including the Bodegas VI Rei, which is located a short drive from the Cabo Blanco lighthouse.

They run multilingual tours on various days of the week, which include tastings, which makes this a great day out for wine enthusiasts.

Exploring outside Cala Pi

From Cala Pi, you can only a short drive away from Campos which has a traditional weekly market on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Plus because Cala Pi is centrally and southern located, it’s as easy to visit the south coast towns and beaches from the beautiful nature reserve and beach Es Trenc, to heading over to Cala d’Or.

Or to get a taste of city life, Cala Pi is around 45 minute’s drive from Palma.

This means Aqualand Waterpark and Palma Aquarium are within easy reach as is Fan Shopping Centre, and Palma city itself.

You can get tickets for Palma Aquarium here.

A Word of Warning if you are visiting Cala Pi in Autumn

When I visited Cala Pi in Autumn, it followed a period of rainy weather in Mallorca. This led to a rise in mosquito numbers.

With the shade created by the beach, the mosquitos were biting as they lay out of the direct sunlight in the mornings.

You can read more about mosquitos in Mallorca here.

To arrive prepared for mosquito attacks before your trip to Cala Pi, check out my Amazon shop here.

Getting to Cala Pi, Mallorca

Cala Pi is on the South coast of Mallorca, just a 40-minute drive or bus ride from Palma International Airport.

You can take the no 505 TIB bus that runs during the Summer season directly from the airport to reach the resort. You can find the timetable here.

If you’re travelling from Plaza España in Palma, then also catch the 505 TIB bus.

To find out more about how to use the TIB buses in Mallorca, check out the article I wrote here.

The cost of a taxi is around 45-55€ from Palma Airport to Cala Pi. You can read more about getting a taxi in Mallorca here.

I would however recommend that if you want to get out and about and do some sightseeing of your own, to rent a car.

You can support the Youtube channel by renting your car through this link or searching here: