Booking a holiday to Mallorca in February is recommended for anyone wishing to avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy Mallorca out of season.

With low-cost flights at an all-time low, find out what it’s like visiting Mallorca in February, from the weather, things to do and what to expect in terms of eating out and getting around the island.

To find out these 10 GREAT reasons to visit Mallorca in February

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1. What’s Mallorca like in February?

February in Mallorca is quiet in comparison to Mallorca in January. Shaking off the New Year, Three Kings and Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastian celebrations of the month before, Mallorca in February is the calm before the (tourist) storm.

This is your last call to see the island out of season. We will slowly start to see a few more hotels opening their doors in Mallorca in February, but with mixed weather, expect the island to be largely quiet.

You will also see the first initial signs of Spring in Mallorca in February and some fabulous country scenes that are just waiting to be explored.

Find out more about the almond blossom in this article.

Almond Blossom in February in Mallorca
See the Almond Blossom in bloom in February in Mallorca

2. Eating Out in Mallorca in February

You are more likely to enjoy a local experience in Mallorca in February.

With the majority of tourist businesses closed, you will find plenty of restaurants and bars that locals go to.

This could be in Palma or out of the resorts.

For example, you will find a local crowd enjoying a menu del dia at the Magaluf Sports Centre restaurant during the day and also get to try some of the best Mallorcan food in the area!

You will find a local crowd too out and about on a Sunday in Mallorca enjoying Sunday lunch.

My TOP TIP: Following my YouTube livestream from Port de Soller in January which you can see here, I would always recommend booking a table in a restaurant on a Sunday, even in February!

3. The Weather in Mallorca in February

Typically February is the worst month weatherwise, but this has not been the case in the previous two or three years.

In 2023, we had some lovely sunshine in February and we are expecting the same in 2024. With global warming (possibly), and very little rain on the horizon, expect sun, and temperatures see-sawing with the outside possibility of a shower or two.

Expect highs of 21 degrees Celsius and nighttime lows of 8 degrees Celsius.

Sunrise is at around 8 am and sunset will extend towards 6:30 pm by the end of the month.

To find out more about winter weather in Mallorca, check out this article here.

4. Getting Around in Mallorca in February

Hiring a car in Mallorca in February means you will get the cheapest rates and the best driving conditions on the island.

You will find roads largely empty if driving outside of rush hour. Enjoy getting around the island quickly and easily.

Another advantage is that it’s easy to find parking and parking spaces in the blue zones in Calvia are free until April 1st too.

To find a great deal on car hire in Mallorca in February, check out this link for CarRental here or and compare costs with Expedia Cars here.

To find out more about getting around Mallorca, check out my guide here.

This is also a great time to sightsee in Palma.

The quickest and best way to see all the key sights in Palma is by the Palma city sightseeing bus which you can book here.

5. Where to see Almond Blossoms in February in Mallorca

Almond farming used to be big business in Mallorca, and you can still see the island is full of almond trees.

In February (usually the first week), the almond trees will be in full bloom.

You can see them on the road to Soller from Palma, but my favourite walk to take is in Es Capdella (a five-minute drive from Calvia village).

Find out the route in this YouTube video here, which offer the most amazing views of the almond blossom and Puig Galatzo (mountain).

6. Dolphin Watching in Mallorca in February

With barely any marine traffic (boats and jetskis) around Mallorca in February, do not be surprised to see dolphins swimming close to the shoreline from some of Mallorca’s most popular beaches.

This is one of my favourite things about this time of year to experience, and they are quite easy to see, so be patient.

Mallorca’s beaches which are normally packed with tourists in the Summer become playgrounds for our dolphin friends over the winter months.

I regularly see dolphins in Mallorca in February, around where I live around Iletas and Palmanova.

Sightings have been made and reported on the Mallorca Facebook groups so keep your eyes peeled if you are travelling around the island.

If you do spot dolphins in their natural habitat in Mallorca, post your photos or videos on the Mallorca Under the Sun Facebook group!

7. Turquoise blue sea in Mallorca in February

With less marine traffic, it’s not just dolphins you can enjoy in Mallorca in February.

The sea surrounding Mallorca is at its most crystal clear and turquoise before the tourists arrive.

I always get asked, “Can I swim in the sea in Mallorca in February?” and my answer is always yes!

The sea temperature is very fresh (codeword “cold”), but I see visitors and locals swimming throughout the month.

Just keep your eyes peeled for jellyfish which you can read about here.

8. Cycling in February in Mallorca

February is a great month for cycling in Mallorca.

Some of the most popular places to stay in Mallorca are in Alcudia Port and Puerto Pollensa as these resorts attract cyclists who wish to cycle to Formentor lighthouse or cycle to the mountains.

With lower temperatures and emptier roads, cycling conditions are perfect.

But you don’t need to hit the hills on a bike to enjoy cycling in Mallorca in February. There are always a few bike hire shops open.

Search on Google for “bike hire Mallorca” to find a rental and repair shop of the same name that is open in the winter!

9. Hiking in February in Mallorca

I also love hiking in Mallorca in February, unless snow falls as it did in February 2023, when the police banned day trippers from driving up to the mountains.

With milder conditions expected for 2024, there are plenty of easy hiking routes to enjoy.

My current favourite is an easy Soller hike, which you can follow here.

It’s a circular route with incredible views. What’s more, you can easily take the bus to and from Palma so it’s also cheap and easy to access.

I have plenty more suggested hikes on the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel which you can find here.

10. Events in February in Mallorca

You will find fewer events in Mallorca in February than at any other time of year. So here is my pick of the best:

Carnival in Mallorca

Carnival processions are being held a week earlier than normal in 2024 because of the early Easter in March so you will find the Rua or adults carnival taking place in Palma and towns throughout the island on the weekend of the 10 and 11 of February 2024.

There is also a children’s carnival or Rueta taking place a week early on the 4 February 2024.

If you are planning to visit Mallorca in February 2025, plan for these events to take place a week later than in 2024.

The processions are fantastic fun and bring together the multicultural community here in Mallorca with dance displays from dance troops from around the island.

Top Tip visiting Carnival in Mallorca: There will be road closures in Palma de Mallorca and in towns around the island before, during and after the carnival parades.

Check listings and Google maps for information.

Fira de Ram in Mallorca

The Fira de Ram or huge fun fair is held on the outskirts of Palma on the Son Fusternet Industrial estate.

Huge fair ground rides light up the night’s sky and the ferris wheel offers amazing views across over the mountains and Palma.

Rides are around 5€ and pay in cash, but this is a fun thing to do in February in Mallorca.

The Fira de Ran normally runs until the end of Easter weekend, but since this is at the end of March, I suspect that it will be held longer to tie in with the Feria de Abril (April Fair).

Fira de Ram Palma de Mallorca
The Ferris wheel at the Fira de Ram in Palma de Mallorca

Chinese New Year in Mallorca 2024

Official Chinese New Year celebrations will be held on the 11 February in 2024 and are hosted by the Chinese Association of the Balearic Islands.

This is a fantastic event that will take place in the location of the best Chinese restauarnts in Mallorca, in Pere Garau, Palma.

My recommendation is Restaurant Kirin for some amazing food!

Join the processions and displays that will take place on the 11 of February from 10:00 am.

Back to Nature in Mallorca

One of my lovely YouTube channel subscribers, Janice in Scotland, alerted me to a series of traditional and nature-based events her daughter-in-law is running in Mallorca.

The Wild & Blue day retreat will offer visitors the ultimate natural event with Miriam (photographer) & Uta (wild herb expert) at the finca “Mendrava Petit.”

Between orange trees, chickens and an artist’s studio, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the world of local wild herbs with Uta.

Touch, smell and taste the plants and learn lots of interesting facts about collecting wild herbs, herbal cuisine and herbal medicine.

Here, follow in the footsteps of botanist Anna Atkins and start creating a Mediterranean herbarium.

Turn what is collected directly into a wild and flavourful pesto, and enjoy as a vegetarian lunch.

Strengthened by the wild cuisine, Miriam then introduces one of the oldest photographic techniques, the cyanotype and a chance to get creative

The cyanotype allows a natural photography method using light as a form of painting.


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