In this article, find out how to get a hotel day pool pass in Mallorca for the day, where you can enjoy the facilities and even book meals, cocktails and other experiences too. 

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Why get a hotel pool day pass in Mallorca?

Did you know you don’t have to stay at a hotel in Mallorca to enjoy the swimming pool?

Many hotels offer the opportunity to purchase a day pass to the hotel.

These hotel pool day passes are excellent for those staying in private accommodation without a pool or who have booked an apartment without a pool too. 

To book a hotel pool day pass in Mallorca visit here and check out the wide range of pool passes on offer.

They will give you really inexpensive access to the very best experience of staying at the hotel – a lovely swimming pool, giving you the chance to cool down for the day. 

Getting a hotel pool day pass is also a great idea if you see an alert for jellyfish on the coast around the beaches. You can read about jellyfish in Mallorca here

Who are hotel day passes good for?

Hotel pool day passes are perfect for not only residents but also for holidaymakers too. 

The advantage is you are not subject to paying hotel tax either because you are not spending the night. 

To find out more about hotel tax in Mallorca, check out this article here.

Can you just walk into a hotel in Mallorca and use the pool?

No!  If you want to use the hotel swimming pools without staying there in Mallorca, I would always advise getting a hotel day pass.

Alternatively, check at the reception desk before going in.

Some hotels will let you go and buy a drink by the pool and use it too. 

Others will require you to buy a day pass.

To see what you can enjoy, check out the video playing on this page where we booked a hotel pool pass for a day at the Cas Saboners Apart hotel in Magaluf.  

Can I book hotel spa experience days too in Mallorca

Yes, you can.  In the winter, you may remember a video I made about booking a Mallorca Daycation at the five-star Nixe Palace Hotel in Cala Mayor where we enjoyed a meal and an hour in the spa. 

This is a fantastic thing to do during winter in Mallorca, or a great thing to do on a rainy day. 

You can watch the video of our hotel daycation at the Nixe Palace Hotel in Cala Mayor here.

Booking a hotel pool pass in Mallorca is also a great activity to do in a Heatwave if you want to book a different day experience to the one offered at your hotel.

To find further things to do in a Mallorca Heatwave, check out this article here.

How to use a hotel swimming pool without staying there in Mallorca?

To book a hotel pool day pass in Mallorca, head on over to and select Mallorca.  

You will then be presented with a number of great options to choose from including family day passes or pool passes for adult-only hotels. 

hotel pool pass in mallorca
Hotel pool pass in Mallorca: Book a day at the adult-only Alua Soul Hotel in Cala Egos

Many Mallorca day passes also offer the opportunity to book meals, cocktails or other experiences.

In the case of our hotel day pass at the Cas Saboners Aparthotel in Magaluf, we also had access to the hotel’s happy hour which offers two-for-one at the hotel bar!

When you arrive at the hotel, check into reception.

The receptionist will either give you a hotel day-pass wristband and then indicate which facilities you will have access to.

They will also advise on what time you can remain on the property, or if you can extend your day by booking meals.

The main problem with getting a hotel pool day pass in Mallorca

There is a risk that you cannot get a sunbed when booking your hotel pool pass in Mallorca. Watch the video playing on the page to find out what we did to secure our sunlounger for the day.

You can find out about the sunbed wars in Mallorca by checking out this article here.

Alternatively, speak to reception for advice before taking action!

Can I get a hotel pool day pass in Mallorca Year round?

Yes, you can, but getting a hotel pool day pass year-round depends on whether the hotel is open year round.

Most hotels in resorts are open between May and October (during the Summer season only).

To check the availability, then search on here.

So if you are visiting Mallorca, find out where you can visit by heading on over to here and booking your perfect hotel pool pass.