In this guide to Calas de Mallorca resort, find out why this value-for-money resort could be the perfect destination for your next Summer holiday. 

With the increase in the cost of package holidays to Mallorca, Calas de Mallorca is showing good value with a week here cheaper than you will find in many other resorts.

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What to expect | A Guide to Calas de Mallorca:

The Calas de Mallorca is a small, friendly, quiet, purpose-built holiday location on the East Coast of Mallorca with stunning coves and beautiful beaches.

You will find great value all-inclusive hotels in the Calas de Mallorca. To check out a full list of the most popular, check out this list here.

This resort is perfect for families and couples not looking for a hectic or lively nightlife. But more on that later.

Do not expect to find an old town in the Calas de Mallorca. This resort is geared totally towards Summer tourism and package holidays.

The absolute highlight in the Calas de Mallorca is a stunning walkway along the Passeig Marítím (Paseo Maritimo) which runs around the back of the resort and links the beaches together.

It is the perfect location for an early morning or early evening stroll. Be prepared for some of the most amazing coastal views in Mallorca!

Come to this resort if you want a great all-inclusive hotel, fantastic hotel facilities, the choice of some stunning beaches which are within walking distance and a few small and friendly bars and restaurants dotted around the resort centre.

Getting to Calas de Mallorca from Palma Airport | A Guide to Calas de Mallorca

To get to the Calas de Mallorca during the Summer season, it’s quite likely transfers will be included with your package holiday.

If you find yourself making your own way there, from the airport take the A42 bus to Manacor then change to the 416 or the 428 TIB bus to Calas de Mallorca.

The bus and transfer time is in the region of 1.5 to 2 hours.

However, you could reduce that time and make the most of every minute of your holiday and book your own private HolidayTaxis transfer which will make the journey shorter.

To find out more about getting around Mallorca using the public TIB bus network, check out this information here.

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Calas de Mallorca Beaches | A Guide to Calas de Mallorca

You will find during Mallorca’s summer season (1 May to 31 October) the beaches in the Calas de Mallorca will be lifeguarded.

You will also find beach bars, sunbed rentals and toilets too on all of the main beaches in Calas de Mallorca.

Expect to budget in the region of 15€ per day for 1 sun umbrella and two sunbeds.

There are three main beaches in the Calas de Mallorca:

Cala Antena beach, Calas de Mallorca

The first is Cala Antena which is accessible by a steep staircase onto one of the most beautiful calas (or coves) in Mallorca.

The nearest hotels to this cove are the HYB Euro Calas and the Alua Calas de Mallorca hotel.

Cala Antena is an absolutely beautiful beach. What’s more because of the steep climb, it’s unlikley to be as busy as many of the other beaches.

The waters are turquoise blue and the sea is relatively calm.

cala antena calas de mallorca
Cala Antena, Calas de Mallorca

Cala Domingos Gran beach, Calas de Mallorca

The well-known Cala Domingos Gran and Cala Domingos Petit are the other two coves on the other side of the resort which are also accessible along the road through the town or from the walkway.

Cala Domingos Gran is the most popular of the three beaches. You will find calm turquoise blue waters which are shallow and perfect for families.

This beach does get busy throughout the Summer season, attracting visitors from the nearby hotels and the visitors to the resort

There is also a commercial centre on the left side of the beach selling beach accessories, and also a beach club.

The nearest hotel to the Cala Domingos Gran is the Globales Amercia hotel which stands on the headland neighbouring the cove.

Cala Domingos Petit, Calas de Mallorca

The Ibertostar Cala Domingos lies just behind Cala Domingos Petit beach.

Cala Domingos Petit as its name suggests is a smaller beach which is a lot quieter.

You can easily get to Cala Domingos Petit along some steps which run alongside Cala Domingos Gran and by walking over a very rocky headland.

Be warned: This walkway isn’t ideal for small children as the cliffs are not fenced.

The ground is also extremely hard going underfoot too (it is extremely rocky), so be careful wearing thin flip flops.

Cala Domingos Petit is the least busy of the two beaches.

When I visited at the end of September 2023, I noticed there was some seaweed on the beach which hadn’t been cleared.

This will not affect your experience of going to Cala Domingos Petit as it’s a perfectly natural element of going to the beach in Mallorca.

This may also explain why this beach is a lot quieter.

Check out the location of the Calas de Mallorca beaches here:

Things to Do| A Guide to Calas de Mallorca

Book a boat trip in the Calas de Mallorca

There are two boat companies operating on the walkway towards the jetty.

You can take a boat trip to either Porto Cristo or down to Cala Millor. Both options include swim stops too and the chance to take in some stunning scenery.

Check out availability here:

Walk the Paseo Maritimo in Calas de Mallorca

This purpose-built path is wonderfully accessible from the town centre heading onto the Paseo Maritimo.

In fact, the Paseo Maritimo runs right behind some major hotels too and is accessible from there such as the HSM Calas Park hotel.

If you’re visiting in the Summer, then I really recommend coming down here for possibly the best sunrise you will ever experience if your hotel room does not have a sea view.

But walk here to really enjoy the peace, tranquillity and beauty of this area.

Calas de Mallorca walkway passeig maritim
Calas de Mallorca Walkway along the Passeig Maritim

Walk to Porto Colom from Calas de Mallorca

If you’re visiting and would like to enjoy a longer walking route, then follow the coastal path which will take you to the traditional Mallorcan port town of Porto Colom.

You can then get the 428 TIB bus back to the Calas de Mallorca.

The Farm Mini Golf, Calas de Mallorca:

You will find two great activities rolled into one at the New Inn bar in the centre of the Calas de Mallorca at the Farm Mini Golf.

Pick up clubs and balls, play a game of crazy golf and check out the animals too.

Scuba Diving in Calas de Mallorca

With the absolutely amazing crystal clear waters, then get underneath the waves and see what’s below and book a try dive from the Acqua Life Dive Center.

Located just a 5 minute walk from Cala Domingos Beach behind the El Pariso Latino bar, book a try dive even if you have no diving experience.

Sightseeing from Calas de Mallorca:

From the TIB bus stops, head up or down the coast exploring the area around Porto Cristo where you can visit the Caves of Hams or the Caves of Drach.

You can read more about the fantastic things to do in Porto Cristo in this article here.

Or take a connecting bus and head up to Cala Millor and Cala Bona.

You can also take the bus down the coast to Cala d’Or.

Other tours are offered from the hotels here but bear in mind your location on the island as to visit Palma or the North of the island would allow very little time in the destination before having to return back to your hotel.

Where to eat in Calas de Mallorca | A Guide to Calas de Mallorca

Many of the large hotels in the Calas offer an All-Inclusive option but from the holidaymakers I spoke to when I visited the resort, they commented on the “sameness” of the food.

Therefore Cala d’Or resort centre offers a varied and well-priced selection of restaurants.

The pricing for meals is a little less than the rest of the island and you can pick up a margherita pizza for under 10€.

To find out what is available in the resort centre of Calas de Mallorca, subscribe to the Mallorca Under the Sun YouTube channel here because a video is coming soon.

Nightlife in Calas de Mallorca | A Guide to Calas de Mallorca

The nightlife in the Calas de Mallorca is mainly centred around entertainment provided by the hotels.

However, this finishes quite early so where can you go if you want to get a drink?

Head into the resort centre where you will find a small and friendly selection of pubs.

These include the New Inn bar, The Tropical Square area, and the Mar Azul (which also shows sport near to the Alua Calas de Mallorca hotel.

There is also The Travellers Inn, and the fun Irish O’Donnells Irish Pub, so if you’re looking for somewhere to watch the sport you won’t be disappointed.

You will find cocktails at the Mar Azul for a staggeringly cheap 5,90€ (you will find them for around 8-10€ in Palmanova!) and you can order a small beer is 1,50€.

The Calas de Mallorca is not a resort if you want the hectic nightlife you will find in the other resorts around Mallorca.

To find a livelier resort which is possibly the closest to the Calas de Mallorca, check out this nighttime guide to Cala Millor here.

To find out more about the cost of holidaying in Mallorca check out this price guide here.

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Leave me a comment if you have stayed in the Calas de Mallorca or if you are planning a holiday there!