In this article, find out how to move to Mallorca in 2024 from anywhere in the world, whether you are an EU Citizen or from further afield.  

There are now many ways to move to Mallorca to enjoy an incredible lifestyle from 300 days of brilliant sunshine, Europe’s best beaches, and amazing city life to all the cultural benefits of living in one of the most vibrant locations in Spain.

It’s no secret that Brexit has made the move to Mallorca more difficult for UK citizens. But with recent developments in Spanish law, it will now be possible for not just Brits, but also other third-country citizens to live and work in Mallorca. 

And for those whose working years are behind them, then there are still options to move to the island and enjoy the best retirement ever.

So, whether you are hoping to move from inside the European Union or from further afield, get ready to pack your bags and find out how to move to Mallorca in 2024.

You will never need to go on holiday again.

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How to Move to Mallorca as an EU, EEA citizen or Swiss national

Congratulations! As a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Act (EEA) or as a Swiss national, you can move to Mallorca quickly, easily and freely. 

Your Mallorca adventure can begin as soon as you are ready to make the move.

There are no minimum financial requirements to move to Mallorca but bear in mind the cost of living in Mallorca when budgeting living expenses. You can read about the cost of living in Mallorca here.

On arrival to Mallorca, you will need to apply for a NIE identity number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) and a NIE card. 

You will need this for just about everything here on the island, from registering with the town hall (empadrónamiento), and getting a mobile phone contract to providing it to a potential employer for tax purposes if you are planning to work.

The NIE number also serves as a tax number which you’ll need to use when declaring your taxes if you are running a business, working freelance, or submitting your annual tax return in June.

You can apply for a NIE number with a cita-previa (appointment) through this link here.

Please take note of the information you will need to provide depending on your circumstances and the documents that you will need to provide.

You will also need to register with the Social Security department here and register for Spanish Health Care too by visiting your local health centre with your passport, ID card, and certificate of empadronmiento

How to Move to Mallorca from the UK, USA and Other Third Countries

If you are a citizen and passport holder from anywhere outside the European Union, so from a Third Country such as the UK, USA and Australia, you are still able to move to Mallorca.

Visitors from outside of the EU are currently restricted to visiting Mallorca for only 90 days within a 180-day limit.  

From a UK perspective, this has been one of the biggest downsides to Brexit, meaning holiday homeowners no longer have the freedom to enjoy their property outside of these times. 

So for third-country citizens, the process of moving to Mallorca is a little more complicated in terms of providing proof of funds and will take a little more time to organise.  

But there are now four ways you can move to Mallorca from a Third Country; on a Digital Nomad Visa, a Working Visa, a Non-Lucrative Visa, or a Golden Visa and all allow residency.

Applicants for these visas must demonstrate proof of funds and in some cases proof of income. And all require you to spend the majority of the tax year living in Spain (so over 181 days per year).  

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How to Move to Mallorca on a Digital Nomad Visa

The much-talked-about and very exciting Digital Nomad Visa has launched in Spain.  

It will allow those already working remotely for companies outside of Spain to work from here remotely in Mallorca (and everywhere else in the country).

Particularly for British citizens, this has been a groundbreaking development following Brexit to also allow UK professionals to move to the island.

The main conditions of the Digital Nomad Visa are as follows:

– At least 80% of income must come from a company or clients from outside of Spain. However, there is an option to work for a Spanish business, but this must not form more than 20% of income.

– Applicants will have a work contract which stipulates that 100% remote work is possible and that the working relationship is at least 3-months old

– This work contract must also indicate that work will be undertaken for at least a year.

– Applicants must either be recent graduates or postgraduates from a recognised university OR have at least 3 years of professional experience in the field in which they are working.

– A great advantage of this visa is that direct family members will be able to join the lead applicant and will be entitled to the same residency rights with the same right to work.

– Proof of funds: applicants must ensure they have 26,000€ in their bank account and 9,500€ for every family member joining them.  

– There will be considerable tax advantages including a fixed rate of 24% on earnings up to 600,000€ and 47% on earnings over. Unlike current laws for residency, there will be no need to declare international wealth.

– It will also be necessary to take out a private adequate health insurance policy.

Enjoy the benefits of a digital nomad visa in Mallorca
Enjoy the benefits of a Digital Nomad Visa in Mallorca

The timeframe to get the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa to move to Mallorca?

From starting the application to getting approval, the visa is expected to take is one month.

Therefore, the earlier you start this process, the sooner you can begin your move.

It is advised to receive confirmation of the Digital Nomad Visa BEFORE moving to Mallorca. 

Once the Digital Nomad Visa has been confirmed, then it’s essential to begin the process of applying for the NIE (national identity number) and TIE residency card (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero).

When the visa is confirmed, the application must be made for a NIE within one month of arrival. 

This Digital Nomad visa will be renewable after one year and again after another two years. On a third two-year renewal, you will be entitled to permanent residency which will allow access to state healthcare and 10-year permanent residency rights.  

This is great news for third-country citizens looking to live in Mallorca!

Which other Employment Visas are available in Mallorca?

If the Digital Nomad Visa doesn’t suit your employment needs, you are from a Third Country and you want to work for a Spanish company in Mallorca, then there are three ways to do this. 

  1. Regular Work Permit:  If you have applied and been accepted for a job in Mallorca, then it’s perfectly likely that the company employing you will help organise your work visa if you are from a Third Country outside of Europe. You can read more about applying for a working visa here.
  1. Highly Qualified Visa:  This visa is for those taking up professional positions to manage teams in well-established businesses. You will need to demonstrate being highly qualified whether through qualifications or many years of specialised experience.
  1. Entrepreneur Visa:  Spain welcomes entrepreneurs and those willing to start businesses. In fact, a Start-up Law was passed in December 2022 allowing just this. Further details will be confirmed during 2023, but this will be an attractive option for technology start-ups and R&D businesses looking to move to the island.
working in mallorca
A new life awaits – working in Mallorca

How to Move to Mallorca on a Non-Lucrative Visa

Applying for a non-lucrative visa means being able to live in Mallorca without the right to work. This visa can also allow immediate family members to travel with you and have the same right to live in Mallorca. 

This visa would be particularly interesting for retirees who already have a pension and income.  

The conditions are as follows:

Proof of funds: This amount changes every year. 

In 2022, the amount was set at just under 28,000€ for the applicant plus just under 7,000€ for each dependent.  

Healthcare: You will also need to take out a private healthcare policy for one year. UK Citizens receiving a retirement pension from the UK can use NHS cover and must apply using an S1 form. This will give you the right to use state healthcare in Spain.   You can read more about this here.

– You will also be required to make a criminal record check

As with the Digital Nomad visa, the Non-Lucrative visa will be renewable after one year and again after another two years. On a third two-year renewal, you will be entitled to permanent residency which will allow the same access to healthcare and 10-year permanent residency rights.  

Applications can be made at the Spanish Consulate in your country. In the case of the UK, you can make an appointment here in London here and in Manchester here.

You can read more about moving to Mallorca on a non-lucrative visa here . But do speak to Mar at who can help get your application underway.

Timeframe to get a Non-Lucrative Visa to move to Mallorca?

This is again dependent on how busy the Spanish Consulate is in processing applications but expect the process to take from 3 months to 8 months (depending on the Consulate).

Upon approval, you will then have one month to move to Spain and apply for the TIE residency card.

How to Move to Mallorca on a Golden Visa

A Golden Visa is for those third-country citizens who can make a considerable investment in the Spanish economy. 

This Golden Visa will give you the right to live and work in Mallorca (and Spain) and allow permanent residency after five years.

There are three ways a Golden visa can be granted:

Real Estate: Investors who can purchase a property to the value of 500,000€. Those citizens from Third countries who already purchased a property during or after 2014 can also apply for this visa.

Investments: Investors willing to invest 2 million euros or more into Spanish Government debt (Bonos del Tesoro Español)

– Investors who are able to invest 1 million euros into Spanish stocks and shares portfolios.

In all of these scenarios, the applicant must have proof of funds to financially support themselves and their families.

For more information about these visa types and how to apply for this visa, please contact Mar at on 

Finding the right property location in Mallorca

Finding the right location to buy or rent in Mallorca is as important as the property itself.

I can help provide homebuyers with honest information about the area they may be interested in whether they are renting or buying that an estate agent will never provide because it wouldn’t always be in their interests to do so.

So before you organise property viewings, I will help you save time and money to allow you to create a short list of properties to view based on an area(s) and your needs.

If you are flying to the island for viewings, this will save you time and money. I already have happy clients who have benefited from this service.

I am legally registered to work in Mallorca. Contact me at to find out how I can help.

move to mallorca

Why use an immigration lawyer to Move to Mallorca?

Applying for any kind of residency in Mallorca can be a stressful process. With many forms to fill in and documents to provide, applying for a visa can be entirely overwhelming. 

For this reason, I recommend getting help from a Spanish law firm in Mallorca that specializes in immigration and can guide you smoothly through the process.  

Unless you are a native Spanish speaker, applying for a residency visa isn’t something I would advise doing alone. By going alone, you risk incorrectly submitting paperwork, which will result in delays in getting your visa and in the worst-case scenario, being denied the opportunity to live in Mallorca.  

For this reason, I recommend contacting Mar Roman at who is an experienced and reputable immigration lawyer based in the Palma city centre.

She speaks fluent English and from my own experience offers an entirely professional service. 

Using a professional service will make this process easier leaving you to focus on more important issues such as which area of the island to live in and how you will run your business or your new life.

Mar Roman Castell Law Palma de Mallorca
Mar Roman, from Castell.Law, Palma de Mallorca

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving to Mallorca

1. How can I move to Mallorca if my partner is an EU citizen and I’m a citizen from a Third Country? 

If you are married or have a civil partnership with an EU national then you can apply for the same residency and working rights to live in Mallorca. 

2 Can I apply for a Digital Nomad Visa if I am in Spain already?

Yes, you can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa if you are in Spain legally. That means that you would need to apply for the visa before the 90-day passport stamp expires in the Schengen area.

3. Can I still claim a UK state pension living in Spain?  

Yes, you can. For more information, check out the UK government website here.

4. Am I still entitled to disability benefits from the UK (or any other country) if I move to Mallorca?

Please check out the information provided on the UK Government website here 

5. I’m applying for a visa to live in Spain. How do I prove my income – do I have to have a Spanish Bank Account?

You can use any bank account, but always that the bank certificate has been signed by the bank and then translated. Also, you can also prove your income through property ownership and other investments.

6. As a third-country citizen but soon-to-be resident in Spain, do any of these visas allow free travel and the right to live in other EU member states?  

No, these visas do not allow freedom of travel in the EU. While you will be able to live in Spain as a resident, you will still have to respect the restrictions on living and working in other European countries. Your residency and working rights will apply only to Spain.  

7. If I moved to Spain on a non-lucrative visa, can I apply to work if my financial circumstances change?

Yes, you can, but you will have to secure a job offer and apply for a working visa in the normal way.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and it is your responsibility to seek advice regarding your own personal situation before moving to Mallorca. 

For further information about any of these visas please contact Mar at at

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