Find out the top 15 top Instagram locations in Mallorca to take the perfect photo, record your adventures and light up your Instagram account.

There are so many amazing locations in Mallorca to photograph which look great on Instagram, but these are my favourites. Make sure you take time to visit just a few.

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1. Cala Pi | Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Possibly the most famous Instagram location in Mallorca is Cala Pi on the South Coast of the island.

See the video playing on this page or on my Youtube channel here to see how to reach the famous Cala Pi Instagram location.

Having your photo taken here isn’t for the faint-hearted. I didn’t get my photo taken when I visited, but you can get an idea of what it’s like in the video.

2 Portals Vells |Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Portals Vells and Cala Mago are located next to one another and are among the top Instagram locations in Mallorca.

These two beaches are also in my list of best beaches in Mallorca guide which you can see here.

Best reached by hire car or bus, follow the footpath between the beaches for the best views of some of the bluest water you will see in Mallorca.

Check out my Youtube video here, and see what it looks like on the Mallorca Under the Sun Instagram page here.

3. Cala Mondragó|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

All of the beaches in the Cala d’Or area are absolutely Instagram-worthy, however, my favourite is over at Cala Mondragó just a 15-minute drive from Cala d’Or.

The water here is turquoise blue and crystal clear and some of the prettiest you will find out the southwest of Mallorca.

There is a walkway from Cala Mondrago to Playa S’Amarado beach which provides dozens of photo opportunities.

Read more about it in this video here.

4. Cap de Formentor|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

If you’re looking to include jaw-dropping views to your Instagram page, then head up to Cap de Formentor which is located just north of Puerto Pollensa.

This popular lookout point in the North East of Mallorca gets extremely busy during the busy Summer months so my advice is to go either early in the morning or at around sunset for possibly the most stunning views of the coast.

cap de formentor mallorca
Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

5. Alcudia Beach|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

If you’re looking for enviable beach scenes that you would most likely see in the Caribbean or the Maldives, then don’t even leave Europe, but visit Alcudia Beach.

Photos here are loved on Instagram so grab your camera and head to Alcudia beach.

Alcudia Beach is part of the biggest beach in the Balearic Islands and is absolutely one of the best top 15 Instagram locations in Mallorca.

You will see here that the turquoise blue sea and the white sand make this beach picture postcard loved by Instagram followers.

15 Great Reasons to Book a Holiday to Alcudia, Mallorca

6. Valldemossa|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Possibly the most picturesque and iconic hilltop town in Mallorca is Valldemossa.

Make a day trip to this stunning, historical town nestled into the Traumuntana mountains.

Enjoy some churros y chocolate in a cafe and then walk around the town perimeter to get this photo.

Valldemossa Mallorca
Valldemossa, Mallorca

You’ll be spoiled for choice here in Valldemossa as one of the top Instagram locations in Mallorca.

Walk through the streets of this town to find photo opportunity after photo opportunity.

And if time is short and you want to take in Mallorca’s top favourite old towns which will supply you with images to fill your Instagram page, then consider booking any of these tours here:


7 Cala Comtesa |Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Easy to get to from Palma de Mallorca, take the number 4 bus from Plaza España to Iletas and walk for 5 minutes to Cala Comtesa.

This little cala is best visited out of season and provides year-round Instagramability to set your page on fire.

Not only is this a great year-round location but it’s possible to even go to the beach here in the winter months as the cala, or cove is extremely sheltered, offering not just a picturesque location but some of the clearest waters for bathing.

To find out how to get here, and more about taking the Palma city buses, check out this article here.

Cala Comtesa, Illetas, Mallorca
A very busy but beautiful Cala Comtesa beach, Illetas, Mallorca

8 Sunset from Costa de la Calma|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Watching the sunset in Costa de la Calma from the El Chiringuitio Costa de la Calma Cafe is not only one of the best things to do in Mallorca but it’s also one of the most Instagramable.

Located within walking distance of Santa Ponsa resort, or an easy drive from Palma (with plenty of parking), head to the El Chiringuito bar for beers and light tapas in the afternoon.

There is a fantastic bathing platform here too, with a diving board.

As the sun starts to go down, get snapping and for one of the best Mallorca sunset locations in the South West.

9. Deia|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Deia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as you walk through the village you’ll see why this Mallorca Old Town will set any Instagram alight.

This Mallorca old town is a top holiday spot for the rich and famous who are drawn to the luxury hotels, the privacy and the fabulous views.

To see this town for yourself, park on the outskirts of the Deia and walk through to enjoy the views yourself.

View from the Hotel Residencia Deia Mallorca

10. Soller Tram|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

One of the most wonderful places to visit in Mallorca is Port de Soller.

Nestled at the foot of the Traumuntana Mountains, a short drive or tram ride from Soller town, the Port makes a fantastic day out.

You can read about all the wonderful fun things to see and do in Port de Soller here, but the Instagram opportunity has to be of the historic tram as it makes it way along the coastline to the Port.

Make sure you get this picture before you leave!

Things to do in Port de Soller

11 Palma Cathedral|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

La Seu or Palma Cathedral is the jewel in Mallorca’s crown and is undoubtedly the stand-out landmark on this holiday island.

Seen from locations all around Palma makes this site is one of the most essential Instagram hot spots to remind you of your holiday here in Mallorca.

The most popular photo is Palma Cathedral from the outside, but buy a skip-the-line ticket and head on inside for the ultimate photo of the interior.

Get your ticket here.

12 Sant Elm|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

With beautiful, traditional white-washed buildings and turquoise blue seas lapping the shores of Mallorca’s most south-westerly town, Sant Elm is well worth a holiday or day trip which will offer Instagram opportunities galore.

Have lunch or dinner here in one of the many seafront restaurants with a view (read more here about these).

13 Magaluf|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Whether you’re going to Magaluf for a day, or night to say you’ve “been to Magaluf”, this is a number one destination in Mallorca that gets views on Instagram.

At least this is my experience.

Magaluf Beach is absolutely stunning and Instagram-worthy in itself for its turquoise blue waters and golden sands.

But for something more iconic, head up Magaluf Strip and get your experience onto Instagram.

14 Palma Old Town|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

As well as booking a ticket on the city sightseeing bus here, you can also book one of the many tours around Palma Old Town here.

Alternatively, discover some of the best Instagramable sites in Palma de Mallorca by just getting “lost” around the winding streets in Palma Old Town and getting your camera out.

Palma Old Town has undergone considerable regeneration over the years allowing you to take some amazing photos of this area.

15 Sa Foradada|Top 15 Instagram Locations in Mallorca

Sa Foradada is a notoriously popular sunset spot that it’s become saturated with tourism during the summer months.

For this reason, I’m placing this top Instagram location in Mallorca at the bottom of the list.

Yes, it is stunning, but yes it’s become a very busy experience and one that is best avoided.

Visit here early or late in the season to avoid the crowds, and chose just about anywhere else on the island to get great Instagram photos.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other favourite Instagram locations in Mallorca and I’ll try and check them out too.

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