The problems with travel continue and in this article, I will answer the question “Will I get a rep on my package holiday in Summer 2022?”

It’s been years since I’ve been on a package holiday. But I got the chance to see first hand what the rep service is like when I met my friend who had arrived in Mallorca on a Jet2 package holiday.

She flew to Palma de Mallorca airport from Manchester on the first week of the UK school summer holidays and we all checked into the wonderful BQ Delfin Azul hotel in Acludia.

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I’d heard the travel companies were struggling, so I asked her how she found the rep service provided by Jet2.

Rep service at Palma Aiport

She told me that there were Jet2 reps waiting for passengers in Arrivals at the airport who organised holidaymakers onto the relevant busses to their resorts.

However the rep didn’t get on the bus and passengers were instead given an envelope with a helpline number should they need it, and that was it.

Holiday rep replacement service

In the case of my friend’s holiday, the Jet2 holiday rep was replaced by a helpline (“VIP Customer Service”) and a folder.

A few days into her holiday, she found a folder on the hotel reception from Jet2 with holiday information, clearly stating that a rep would not be making scheduled visits to the hotel.

Wanting to find out about the transfers back to the airport at the weekend, my friend consulted the folder to find information telling her to wait on the high street at a non-specified bus stop (there are bus stops on either side of the street).

Jet2 also recommend calling the helpline number in the UK should guests need any further information.

TUI also sell holidays to the BQ Delfin Azul however, they have a rep who visits the hotel six days a week.

TUI rep service at the BQ Azul Delfin Alcudia
TUI’s rep service at the BQ Delfin Azul hotel

So she talked to the TUI rep about the transfers to avoid having to call the UK.

The TUI rep wasn’t able to help as TUI operates their transfer service quite differently, allowing guests to wait in the hotel reception to be picked up.

Since making my video about this, which you can see below, my friend did call Jet 2 who couldn’t find out which bus stop she needed wait at to get the transfer back to the airport.  

And although the customer service agent was really friendly, however at the time, rather than solve the situation, Jet2 advised she put in a complaint when she got home. 

Later in the week, she did get a call from a Jet2 rep in the resort, who reassured her that the bus wouldn’t leave without Jet2 customers even if it was on the wrong side of the road.

She just needed to get herself there.

In fact on the day she returned to the airport, the bus arrived on the otherside of the road, and the driver got out of the bus to ensure my friend and her daughter got onboard.

So all credit goes to Jet2 for making this happen.

So if you’re travelling with Jet2, just be aware that a rep isn’t guaranteed at your hotel, and you may have to meet the transfer bus elsewhere in the resort.

Now this is just one experience. I’m sure many other customers received great rep service in other hotels on the island.

However, if having access to a rep is important to you, please check your holiday will include a rep before booking.

Recruitment problems in the Travel Industry

I do know there have been incredible recruitment problems not just with Jet2 but also with other travel companies on the island this summer.

And these recruitment problems are believed to be a direct result of Brexit. 

The media on the island have been agressively recruiting for reps and customer care staff through radio station and social media ads.

However, the main requirement to rep for either Jet2 is or any of the other travel companies in Mallorca is to have the right to live and work in Spain.

And this now excludes many of those who once did these jobs, who are likely to be British passport holders living in the UK.

Since Brexit, it has been extremely difficult not only to find reps for travel companies but also staff to work in the businesses that were once traditionally British, entertainment staff who provided the evening entertaiment and staff in bars and restaurants.

Add this onto the travel chaos reported in the news, and running the same kind of service that was once experienced before in Mallorca pre Brexit has become more difficult than ever.

The situation described above isn’t ideal but Jet2 made it work with limited resources and challenging conditions.

Hopefully in the future, the Spanish Government will be able to provide temporary working visas to fulfil these employment gaps and allow customers to get the package holidays they expect.

Watch this space…

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