I have a Mallorca sunbed wars update for you. I will be letting you know which Mallorca hotels have changed their sunbed policy. I’m also delighted that the UK press has picked up my sunbed wars story here in Mallorca and it’s got some media coverage in some of the regional online newspapers.  

Infact you can see the press coverage here.

It’s been quite a long and tiring and seemingly never-ending issue.

And you can read more about it here, when the issue first came to light.

But I am absolutely passionate about getting the hotels here on the island to manage fair use of sun loungers around the pool, and fulfil the description of the holiday they are advertising. 

Fair use allows all guests to have an equal opportunity to use the facilities, without having to get up at 5am to do so.

I’ve said it before, it’s not fair on elderly holidaymakers or visitors with accessibility issues who are unable to do the dawn dash to reserve a sunbed.

Plus I even have a lovely subscriber who recently travelled from the USA on holiday and couldn’t get a sunbed for the duration of his stay. It’s just not acceptable.

I’m still hearing that some hotels are still allowing guests to lay towels down on sunbeds from the night before. 

If you are staying in one of the hotels that are not managing the situation, please leave a comment below this article. 

One holidaymaker on a Palmanova hotel Facebook page in regards to not being able to get a sunbed by the pool, said that they, “are making a most of a bad situation.”

Since when should there be a “bad situation” paying to stay at a hotel?  

Which Mallorca hotels have changed their sunbed policy

I’m delighted to tell you that only this week, the massively popular all-inclusive hotel Club Mac in Alcudia made this announcement.  

They have said that, Every day from 10pm to 6am, any towels reserving sunbeds will be removed.   And that any of the hotel’s blue towels will be put in the wash and the owners will lose their 10€ deposit.

Club Mac Alcudia Sunbed Policy
Club Mac sunbed policy, Alcudia

Also, the Son Matias Beach hotel has posted a statement around the hotel asking guests that if they intend to be away from their sunbeds for more than an hour, not to leave towels on the sunbeds.

They have a simple sticker system in place, whereby a member of staff will place a sticker on any reserved sunbeds. 

If the stickers are still on the sunbeds after an hour, then the towels will be removed, freeing up the sunbed and allowing someone else to use them.

Son Matias Beach Hotel Palmanova sunbed policy
Son Matias Beach hotel sunbed policy

But I have also heard that the Sol Palmanova has bought an extra 200 sunbeds, so I hope that will ease the situation to meet demand.

So do let me know what your experience has been, and if you are able to get a sunbed this Summer without having to get up at 5am to do so.

Also let me know which hotels have still to put measures in place.

If we keep this issue active, then we may be able to make a difference, which will allow you to enjoy the holiday you paid for.

So make sure you subscribe to the Mallorca Under the Sun Youtube channel, and come and join the Facebook Group and I hope to bring you more good news in the future.