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Booking a holiday is no longer a straight forward process. I’ve put together a list of top 10 things to consider when booking a Mallorca holiday in 2022.

It’s no secret that confidence in booking holidays has fallen thanks to the global pandemic. So booking a holiday now in 2022 is a more complex process than ever before.

It’s my prediction that the Mallorca summer holiday season will go ahead as it has done during 2020 and 2021. So if you and your family have been vaccinated to the required standard then going on holiday should be quite a straightforward process, and you will most likely be allowed to travel relatively easily (restrictions permitting).

And if you haven’t been vaccinated, and have no intention to get vaccinated, then I would advise WAITING before you book. We don’t know what governments will decide on the run up to summer.

As of December 2021, Spain has banned non-vaccinated British residents over the age of 11 from holidaying on the island. As a result, many holidays have been cancelled.

*UPDATE* On the 11 February, a U-turn was dramatically made by the Spanish government allowing unvaccinated children aged 12-17 to enter Spain on holiday. You can read this update here

But let’s see what happens in the upcoming weeks and months. Entry rules to Spain may change for everyone as we go into Summer.

If you wish to remain non-vaccinated, you may well benefit from late availability and last minute deals if the rule changes moving into the Summer.

But rules can and they will change. So keep an eye on official Government sources. 

So if you’re in a position to travel now, here are my top 10 things to consider when booking a Mallorca holiday in Summer 2022.

1. Live for the Moment:

If you are waiting for the world to return to a time when we didn’t have to wear face-masks, when Covid tests weren’t necessary, when additional paperwork wasn’t an issue, you could be waiting for a very long time. 

So if you want to travel, I suggest you go for it. You only live once! Because once you’ve made the journey, you’ll realise that travelling isn’t as stressful has you had imagined. And the benefits of going on holiday outweigh the inconvenience of paperwork or Covid tests.

To see what it was like travelling last summer, see this video here.

What it’s like flying in 2021 – my experience

2. Looking Back to Summer 2021

Summer went ahead almost as normal in Summer 2021. At the end of June, the beaches, resorts and key sights were busy. Most of the attractions opened up. And boat trips ran without restrictions. Cruise ships also returned to the island.

Restrictions regarding mask wearing outside were lifted at the end of June, as were restrictions in bars and restaurants.

Sadly night clubs didn’t open and dancing was not allowed, but this could all change in 2022.

And tours and excursions were busy. You can see my favourite Mallorca excursion here and what that was like.

Since the start of the pandemic, it has been a requirement in Mallorca to wear masks inside supermarkets and indoor public spaces and this is likely to continue. 

Sa Coma beach, Mallorca
A busy Sa Coma beach, Mallorca

3. The Benefits of Booking in January

hays travel agency
Check out the great sales in your local travel agent!

The January Sales are the best time of the year to grab yourself a bargain holiday.

You will find deals from all the big travel agents and online holiday websites. This maybe the best time of the year to get a really good deal. 

So why book now rather than later?

You can pick up the best deals – free kid places, free nights, free meals, room upgrades and January sales means great discounts!

PLUS You often get deals such as Book Now Pay Later or secure your holiday with a low deposit.

4. Availability is Now!

Book to where you want to go!  There will be competition to book the best hotels and with school holidays taking place in July and August, availability will be limited. 

Booking now also means you can be seated together on a flight, and pick your best hotel and room type.

Leave your booking later and you will have to be flexible on dates, resorts and accommodation!

Top 10 Things to Consider When Booking a Mallorca Holiday in 2022

5. Better Booking Terms

One of the key top 10 things to consider when booking a Mallorca holiday in 2022 is that the travel industry is making it easier than ever before to amend your booking in the future if you need to.  But double check if your deposit is refundable. 

Many airlines at time of publishing such as easyJet and Ryanair at the time of writing are offering free flight amendments up to two hours before a flight.

Also TUI is offering the ultimate in global pandemic holiday protection with Covid flexibility when booking. 

You will have the flexibility to change your break to a new date if:

  • You or anyone in your party tests positive for Covid before you travel,
  • The area you live is locked down,
  • Vaccine and quarantine arrangements change or
  • Harsh new restrictions in destination mean you can’t properly enjoy your holiday.

You can read about more about TUI’s Covid Flexible booking options here

6. Your Money is Protected

You holiday will be better protected if you book  a package holiday. So don’t disregard the benefits of a package holiday and having all elements of your trip including flights, accommodation and transfers packaged together.

If you are booking from the UK check out ABTA and ATOL members for extra reassurance.

If anything goes wrong with your holiday, you’re entitled to a replacement or refund if it is significantly altered.

If the airline financially fails, you will be returned to your home country.   

So also book on your credit card – incase holiday company goes into administration – which should enable you to get your money back.

book your holiday with a credit card
Book your holiday with a credit card

7. What about Self Packaging

Choose exactly where you want to be, what type of accommodation to book such as a private villa rentals, and pick a from larger variety of locations outside of main resorts. 

It’s liberating and sometimes cheaper to plan your own holiday but don’t forget that if circumstances change, you’ll have to amend every element of your booking.

Self packaging could run into problems. For example, if the government advises not to travel, you may not get your money back on your accommodation booking if you booked a cheaper non-refundable room rate, but you should be able to amend your flight.

That said, easyJet has been brilliant at reacting to these situations allowing amendments to bookings because travellers have had to cancel from the UK due to a change in travel restrictions.

The same goes for accommodation bookings. Try and choose the “pay at the hotel” option rather than paying upfront and always read the cancellation terms.

Balearic Island tourism website
Click on the image to check entry rules to Mallorca

8. Be prepared for further rule changes

Keep up with Government rule changes before you travel and always check official sources.

If you’re travelling from the UK, testing on return may continue. Track and Trace could again have the power to isolate those travelling on the same flight as a passenger who later tests positive.

Also consider possible changes in Spain. Looking back to last Summer, the Balearics demanded increased testing for those coming from the UK. 

So understand the entry requirements.  Go to Balearic Island official tourism website:

And I will try and keep up with changes here in Travel Updates.

9. Check with your Employer

If you started a new job over the past few months or didn’t travel last year, then always check with your employer before you book.

So for example, make sure you be able to work at home or take extra holiday leave, if you have to isolate or quarantine on the return home.  

10. Psychological Benefits

Finally the main top 10 thing to consider when booking a Mallorca holiday in 2022 is the overwhelming psychological benefits of booking a break and KNOWING YOU ARE GOING !

You will benefit from the actual joy knowing you will be getting away this summer.

Because going on holiday is the best thing ever. Family holidays are always the highlight of my year!

Also by booking now, you will have time to plan your trip to get the maximum out of your holiday, from day trips to activities.

So what are you waiting for? Book now!

live for the moment
Feel on top of the world when you book your Mallorca holiday (pic: Puig de l’Ofre in Mallorca’s Traumuntana Mountains!)

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