In more Mallorca news, I find out why a change of permit in Playa de Muro could spell the end of beach bars in Playa de Muro, Mallorca.

In a video published to my Youtube channel, I talk to Jaime Perelló, owner of Can Gavella restaurant on Muro beach about what this new permit means for his businness.

It appears that the Costas Authority has drawn a new line in the sand along the Playa de Muro beach in Mallorca determining exactly where restaurants can operate.

However the local council sunbeds and unbrellas are still allowed on the main beach and are available to rent much closer to the shoreline than any of the restaurant’s table and chairs.

These new restrictions have effected many restaurants and bars in the area as their location now falls onto the protected area of the beach.

Now many exisiting bars and restaurants on Playa de Muro are unable to have chairs and tables on the sand, thereby vastly reducing the number of customers they can serve in a day.

The first beach front restaurant to suffer the most severe consequences of the new law is the Mar y Paz in C’an Picafort.

The swimming pool has been recently bulldozed and filled in, and the restaurant, like Can Gavella, is only allowed to operate with tables and chairs inside the establishment.

Although tables and chairs on the sand was allowed in previous years, Jaime tells me that the permit to operate his restaurant has not been renewed for “environmental reasons.”

It was extremely awkward to hear the restaurant explain to their customers why they couldn’t move their tables to the sand.

This also means a huge loss of custom over the busy summer months and the threat of potential closure.

Normally in peak season, Can Gavella employs a team of 30 staff. Now they are looking at recruiting just eight staff for the season.

can gavella muro beach mallorca

This is devestating news for the businesses and the local economy so early in Summer 2022 . In the case of Jaime, this means a huge loss of income.

This could spell the closure of many of these businesses and a change to these emblematic bars and restaurants to eat and drink on Muro beach.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to a spokesperson from the Costas Authority to understand these new environmental measures and better communicate them to residents and visitors to the area.

How to support the restaurants and bars in Playa de Muro

There is a campaign now to help save these businesses otherwise known as the “Les Casetes des Capellans.” The businesses are not asking for money but just a signature of support.

To sign the petition, please click this link here.

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