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In this Mallorca travel update on 11 February 2022, important changes have been made to travel restrictions coming into Mallorca (Majorca) and island life. These are particularly important to those who are travelling to Mallorca in the coming weeks.

Children entering Spain from the UK

Announced this morning in the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado) or Official State Bulletin, the Spanish government has made a U-turn and will now  allow non-vaccinated children from the UK, age 12 years and over to holiday in Spain. 

Children aged between 12 and 17 who have not received a double vaccination and who are coming from the UK need only to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival. This comes into effect at midnight on the 14 February 2022. 

At present this new ruling for unvaccinated UK travellers only extends to those under 18.  We will have to wait and see if non-vaccinated adults from the UK will also be allowed to travel to Spain in the same way as unvaccinated adults from the EU are able to. And that is with a negative covid test.  So watch this space.

This new ruling will apply to children from other third countries such as Canada, the USA or Australia. 

In today’s BOE notification, it states all children from 12 years old and under 18, from third countries who are having trouble gaining access to the vaccination programme are able to enter Spain with just a PCR test.

The countries are not specified in the report, neither does it determine how they will measure accessibility to the vaccination programme. So make of this as you will. But in my opinion, the Government has given an option to allow families from outside the EU to holiday in Spain with children aged from 12 to 17 years old.

However, this news comes far too late for travel companies who have been dealing with cancellations or for hoteliers hoping for room bookings. 

It has been widely reported that many families have already cancelled their half term holidays to the island or chosen to book summer holidays elsewhere. 

I have seen comments on my Youtube channel and Facebook group from regular visitors to the island who have cancelled their trip to Mallorca this year. Many have instead booked their holiday to destinations including Turkey, Malta or Greece where  it is not necessary for children age 12 or over from the UK to be fully vaccinated as a requirement for entry.

It is feared that Spain will lose custom this summer if this rule isn’t overturned for both adults and children, since the UK is the country’s biggest source market in terms of tourism.

I’d love to know your thoughts in comments below – do you now have confidence to book your holiday to Mallorca this summer?

Arriving into Mallorca Spain
Palma de Mallorca Airport

Antigen Tests for Arrival into Mallorca

If you’re travelling to Mallorca from another EU country and not vaccinated, you must arrive with proof of a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours before arrival to Spain. This has changed from the 48-hour time period previously. So please take note.

Covid Passports in bars and restaurants -scrapped

The requirement to present Covid Passports to sit inside in bars, restaurants and gain access to other indoor spaces such as museums has been scrapped from the 12 February 2022.   

Face coverings outdoors – scrapped

The requirement to wear face coverings outdoors was scrapped on the 10 February 2022 too. This rule was imposed over Christmas, and was never enforced outside of busy, crowded spaces.

Most residents I have seen haven’t actually been wearing them outside of Palma city.  So the news that it has been scrapped has been news to many who didn’t know it was actually a requirement!

From my point of view, this is the best news to come out of the island in the past 24 hours. It is also the first time since 2020, children can now play in school playgrounds and talk to their friends without a face mask. Many children can now return to after school activities that were held in indoor spaces.

However, it is still advised to wear a face covering if you are going to a big event, so a football match, a concert or a busy market place.

And I’m still seeing many people – particularly the elderly still wearing face coverings outside, even in the countryside. Remember you are under no legal obligation to do so.

You will still need to wear face masks when going into the airport, shops, public transport, supermarkets and other indoor spaces.  This hasn’t changed since the start of the pandemic so don’t forget to pack face coverings before travelling.

February Weather Update Mallorca

Finally I have a quick weather update if you are visiting the island over the next couple of weeks.

I see some showers forecast on Monday and possibly Tuesday 14/15 February but expect glorious sunshine and temperatures between 16 to 18 degrees and a lot of sunshine.  It will feel a lot warmer in a shaded area out of the wind, so pack your sunscreen!

Check out my recent video about Cala Mayor in the winter below if you’re looking the best beach to visit, sunbathe and swim over the winter, just because i it’s shaded from the wind and is my favourite sun trap here on the island.

And if you are looking for things to do over the winter months here in Mallorca, check this article here.

Remember rules will continue to change as we move into the Summer and it is your responsibility to check before you travel.  This article (and YouTube video) is intended purely as a guide.

Most importantly, Don’t forget to check official sources so check the links below this article, before you travel.

If you are returning from Mallorca to the UK, from 11 February, don’t forget these rules have changed too.  Testing rules for fully vaccinated travellers have been scrapped. Check them out here

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