In this article, I look at travelling to Mallorca on a budget with Youtube’s Scotsman in Tenerife who is otherwise known as Kevin McNally.

Most well known for his travel vlogs in Tenerife, Kevin has been travelling through Europe this Summer, making videos in other favourite holiday destinations such as the Costa del Sol and Albufeira in Portugal.

It was an absolute privilege to meet a successful Youtuber on the island, “talk Youtube” and then collaborate making videos for both of our Youtube channels.

You can see the video Kevin made for his channel below this article.

Kevin visited Mallorca at the end of July 2022, leaving at the beginning of August 2022 to make some Mallorca content for his Youtube channel.

To get the most out of his trip, he needed to book the cheapest accommodation possible in the middle of peak season for his stay on the island.

I asked Kevin how he found travelling to Mallorca on a budget in the middle of peak season. This is what he uncovered.

1. Cheap accommodation in Palma de Mallorca 

Kevin spent his first night on the island in Palma de Mallorca. 

Over the years the number of five-star and boutique luxury hotels has multiplied so finding a cheap hotel in Palma is not easy.

With millions of euros invested in the regeneration of Palma Old Town, dilapidated buildings have since transformed into a luxury traveller’s paradise.

The prices reflect this, so finding cheap overnight accommodation in Palma centre is a challenge.

However, Kevin decided to book a night in peak season in Mallorca at the BOC City Hostal in the heart of the city, just 10 minutes walk from Palma old town.

The highlight of this hostel is its roof-top swimming pool.

Kevin should have paid  £40.69 for a night’s stay, however, in reality, he paid only  £3.69 simply through his loyalty programme with where he had accumulated enough credits to almost get a free stay.

If you wish to book one a room in one of the BOC hostals in Palma you can do so here.

If you travel frequently, make sure you check which loyalty programmes offer free hotel nights and if you’re travelling in peak season.

This can help vastly reduce the cost of a night’s stay.

3. Cheap hostel accommodation in Magaluf

For Kevin’s second night stay, he stayed in the Hostal Jackiton which is technically in Torrenova, and just 150 metres from Son Matias beach in Palmanova.

He was also just a few minutes’ walk from Magaluf Strip making this a great location to film for his channel.

The Hostal Jackiton is a simple, clean but basic hostel for the night, and it appeared he could use the pool at the Alua Hawaii. So he was advised!

A one-night stay at this hostel cost  £67.

4. Cheap hotel in Magaluf

For his second night in Magaluf, Kevin stayed in the 4-star Hotel Flamboyan Caribe on the seafront in Magaluf on a half-board basis for just £90 for the night.

Considering this is peak season, this is fantastic value for money.

The hotel is right on the Magaluf seafront and has a swimming pool and spa.

His stay included breakfast and dinner.

It is also highly rated on Trip advisor.

5. Cheap hotel in Santa Ponsa

The cheapest hotel Kevin could find after leaving Magaluf was the Santa Ponsa Pins hotel, which cost £76 bed and breakfast.

This is another clean and basic hotel with a swimming pool in the centre of Santa Ponsa.

It is also just a short walk from a huge selection of cafés, bars and restaurants, and the beach.

6. Cheap hotel in Alcudia

Alcudia is full of hotel accommodation, but it’s very difficult to find a reasonably priced room in peak season.

However, Kevin found the cheapest hotel accommodation possible in Alcudia.

The Vista Alegre Hostal which is located next to the Mango store on the Paseo Maritimo in Alcudia Port.

While the night in the hostel only cost only £51, the room had no air conditioning.

You can find out Kevin’s experience of this night on his Youtube channel!

7. How to find cheap flights to Mallorca in peak season

The best way to find cheap flights is to search a website such as Skyscanner which scans the prices of airfares.

However, there are some great deals to be found on low-cost airlines.

Kevin flew Ryanair from Glasgow Prestwick airport. There were no delays.

The cost of flights was really reasonable too proving that it’s possible to travel to Mallorca on a budget. At the end of July 2022, it cost just £21.99 to fly to Mallorca.

A return flight five days later cost £80.

Flight tip: By booking your flight at a smaller airport (rather than in one of the main airports), and selecting a flight first thing in the morning, you are less likely to expereince a delay.

Mallorca on a budget
Mallorca on a budget in Magaluf in Mallorca

8. Getting around Mallorca on a budget

Kevin didn’t hire a car but used public transport.

He took an EMT bus from Palma airport to Plaza España in Palma which cost 5€.

The following day, he took a TIB bus to Magaluf.

The TIB bus service is fantastic and cheap and if you want to find out more about it, then please read this article here.

Taking the TIB bus can cost as little as 1,80€ per trip and these buses run frequently throughout the island.

Just remember to use your bank card rather than cash to tap on, and then tap off the bus.

9. Is it affordable to eat out in Mallorca?

Most surprisingly for me, Kevin said he found the tourist areas in Portugal that he’d visited, for example, Albuferia was more expensive than Mallorca.

Portugal always used to have a reputation for being very cheap. Apparently, that is no longer the case.

It’s still possible to find a pint of beer for 2€ in Magaluf, and you can see where to buy this in my video.

While the average cost of a meal (without drinks) is around 20€ per person, it’s possible to find much cheaper.

In summary, Mallorca can be done on a budget. Even in peak season.

You can now check out many of Kevin’s Mallorca vlogs here. Please show him the same incredible support that his audience showed me and please hit that subscribe button on his Youtube channel.

He’s a fantastic vlogger which is reflected by the fact he has over 10 million views and almost 30k subscribers!

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Check out Kevin’s Mallorca vlogs all about this experience of travelling to Mallorca on a budget, the places he stayed and his impressions of Mallorca on his Youtube channel here.