Out now on Kindle and Apple Books, the e-book “Living in Mallorca Under the Sun” takes a look behind the scenes of Mallorca’s holiday-help Youtube channel Mallorca Under the Sun.

I’m Alex and I moved to Mallorca in 2005 to take up a job at a global travel business in Mallorca. Find out about my experiences of moving and settling into life in Mallorca. Find out where I lived, and what my first experiences were of living and working in Mallorca.

You will also find out why after having zero experience in presenting and video editing why I set up my Youtube channel during the global pandemic and how I used this to kick-start my career after 15 years working in the corporate world.

On Christmas day 2022, the ebook was listed as #30 top travel read in the Kindle library.

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Ranked on Amazon on Christmas Day

I also tell you how I have been able to replace my corporate salary with a career in content creation and freelancing.

Also, find out why it’s a great idea to have more than one plan when it comes to moving to Mallorca.

Plus I’ll give you an idea of how much revenue I earn, what you can expect if you are thinking of doing something similar and my Youtuber encounters along the way.

I also talk about my Youtube community which is at the core of everything I do.

My Youtube channel is by no means large, but there is a great community of like-minded people who love Mallorca, whether through watching the videos or being part of the Facebook Group community.

Life isn’t exactly what you first expect it to be after moving to Mallorca, and the dream can wear off pretty quickly when reality hits as to how hard it can be to make a living on the island.

Living in Mallorca Under the Sun will give you an idea of what it’s like moving to Mallorca, life on the island, cultural differences in the workplace and creating your own career opportunities.

It could be useful if you plan to move out to the island.

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